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Support Turn Around Too Slow

Based on comments provided last week by mods, we can now anticipate a 1-week turn around on support tickets.

I currently have an issue where the app losing connectivity in Room 7 of the Rally Event. The only way I can compete is to always leave after Room 6.

This is where the delayed turn-around is problematic. This event will be over long before my ticket will be addressed by support.

I suggest the developers quit arguing with players and denying obvious bugs. Quickly fix these bugs (like the duplicate bug fixed today) and adequately compensate players. I have wasted weeks going back and forth with support over a known issue. They are making players go through hoops prior to providing compensation.

Quickly compensating these players would help remedy these delays so support could move on to other issues. The current structure is wasting a lot of time and has rendered support turn-around impractical.

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I suppose I should have realized there is another way to hasten support responses. It appears they have decided to hasten the process by merging a number of support tickets and responding with “the matter is now closed”, without providing a response to the most significant issues.

BTW @Ludia_Developers, the matters have not been resolved so the ticket is NOT closed. A reply ticket will be forthcoming … yet again.