Supposely the name of new creatures:

Well some i was hanging out in youtube seeing videos and in a spanish video it showed the names of the creatures, and this are the suppose creatures:
Argenteryx ( epic) Swarm: Archaeopteryx + ( argentinosaurus or argentavis)
Megalotops (Epic) counter attacker ( possibly megalonyx or megalosaurus)+ Ceratopsid or something

Rinchicyon ( legendary) Rinchenia + amphicyon
Glyptoceras (legendary) Glyptodon + stegoceras
Indotaurus ( unique) Carnotaurus + Indominus Rex or G2
Phorurex ( unique) Possibly a phorusrhacos hybrid and draco g2 since it said, Fierce runner
Andrewtops ( Unique) Andrewsarchus hybrids or andrewsarchus + Ceratopsid or acrocanthops

as well the nerfs and buffs
Ceramagnus NERF
Hadros lux NERF
Testacornibus MINOR NERF
Mortem Rex Buff

I have a feeling that the post will be taken down…


why do apex needs nerf are they suppose to be good because they ae Apex

Maybe I could sent u the link a in the minute they show a text where they explained

Whether Phorurex has Dracorex or Dracorex Gen 2, we will get a bird that will possibly have a swap in savagery or strike and then turn around with an instant rampage and then an instant charge right after that if it is Dracorex. Talk about something that will be super OP that everyone will want and then complain about.

lets hope is not that one and is the resilient one

That doesn’t mean that they should be so good that everything else becomes irrelevant. Besides, the only Apexes getting nerfed (Magnus and Hadros) leave even the other Apexes in the dust.