Surging for a new ALLIANCE

Hi. We, my husband, my son and me, we are looking for an active alliance where helps by asks and other things. Now we are in one there are 50 members and only 7 was playing and if we ask for something we dont became an answer. Please write me. Thanks Nantouselta #5705

just look into the filter of alliance and you’ll find what you look for.

Hello I am the leader of an alliance that has some members who have stopped playing for a month or more, we do not have any entry requirements I just ask that you do not stop playing for anything more than an month unless you have informed me before hand and you to help others when the request DNA and we will in turn do our best to help you out if you would like to join us search for RoseBerryRaptors and I will add you directly please let me know the three names that will be joining firstly though so I get the right members.

IslaNublarTimeshareCo is looking for more players, we have plenty of space for your family. we made 7/6 rewards last week with only half of a team and we’re getting bigger by the minute. we have a level 20 Sanctuary through a co-op of alliances and we have a great active team!

K thx we will join on coming tuesday it’s ok? If yes, than we are happy to get so a nice chance. Lg Nantouselta