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Surprise in the trade harbor

After collexting my 3 daily custom trades for the trade mission, I scrolled down and saw this was available. I’m just beginning to create hybrids and I only have the 2 super rare ones for cenzoic. Once this thing hatches next week, ill have all of the snow creatures. Though I’m curious, have any of you guys managed to unlock a free hybrid from the trade?

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Originally I was saving up for one of the new 35K VIP packs, I bought one when they first came out and it gave me a dinosaur I was really wanting, but in rhe end, this was too good to pass up :slight_smile:

Be careful with it so it doesn’t wreck you Cenozoic lineup. But yeah, Smithetoceras is awesome. Be mindful that this will not unlock the creature.


I’m not sure if I understand your question but if you are asking if a hybrid is unlocked after you bought it in the trade harbor, the answer is no.

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No of course not. It is annoying how these “super legendaries” as I like to call them, take a week to hatch especially when you have so many of them.

I mean have you ever gotten a hybrid from a trade before you got both components to level 40

I can’t remember but I think it’s possible.

Yes, it’s not that uncommon. I purchased two of the deer cats this way so I could have a lvl 20 (which fit in better with all my lvl 20 VIPs cenos) before we got a Smilodon unlock. I don’t think you’ll ever see a tournament hybrid in the TH though.

Just be glad that they cap off the hatch times at 7 days now. It could be even longer! It is indeed frustrating, I have enough to hatch out another 10 Indoraptors right now, but don’t want to spend that much in DBs so having to do them one at a time as I can afford it.


I’ve never seen one personally, but I’ve heard stories from you lucky ones

Not just yet,I am level 45, reached there today,trade harbor is level 50. I am really close though.