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Ok, so I got your attention… Surprise!

I just saw this Mammoth spotlight…

Bellow becomes Surprise Brawl? Is this a change in moveset or name in 1.12? Or another error on part of Ludia?


i’m gonna go with error for 20 points.


I saw that too! I’m guessing that in their TEST environment, it’s just called that instead of Bellow or else they just didn’t update whatever text when they officially titled the move in the game.

Well if it’s not an upcoming name change in 1.12 then this is another clear example they need to QA what they put out there.

Back in 2018 (1.3 probably), Bellow was called Surprise Bellow. Maybe that’s the reason

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Surprise Bawl is the code name for Bellow so I guess they didn’t change it for the image.

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That sounds about right. Ludia cause more confusion than not with what they put out there. At least the community can clear the confusion up.

Totally want to see Manny spontaneously break out in tears!! :laughing: