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Surprised people view Paladin as weak

Past few days I’ve been absolutely shutdown multiple times by the Paladin comboing the epic boots and epic ring. She’s rocketed up my kill on sight list. Anyone else feel the Paladin is a lot more powerful than people have given her credit for?

Yes, they recently reworked the stats on Paladin and bard, to be commensurate with their alternate heroes. Therefor, now Paladin finally feels like a psuedo-paladin, and can survive mroe than 1 hit. This is just a recent change, and not everyone has caught on :wink:

The thread on Facebook is hilarious about this. I’m not complaining :wink:

I already liked the Paladin against bots due to ability to disrupt negative effects. Now she is great against humans too.

There have been a couple of comments in different posts over the past f ew weeks about how much better she is now

You forgot to mention epic weapon. Takes a couple swings to build up. In a long drawn out fight it’s brutal. I still think she dies to easy, but much improved now.