Surprisingly steady progress

… given all the changes there have been over the last few months; trophy high score for each season:

August 5338
September 5522 +184
October 5735 +213

Currently at 5586 (#576). Hoping I can make it to Nublar Shores this season; my team are getting a serious boost thanks to alliance activity (donations, sanctuaries, missions) - Diora and Utarinex are both ready for L29 (just the small matter of 400,000 coins).

Anyone else got their last 3 seasonal results to hand?


August -5800(ish) (don’t remember exact count)
September - 6003 (with 5 minutes to spare!)
October - 6063

Currently 5619 but hoping to make it back to the beach again. I’m on the quest to a lvl 30 Magna and this week will def help with that. Next is the grind to get more levels on Max and. I also have Erlidom, Tryko, and Rinex at 29 pushing towards 30. My side projects are Grypoly and Vexus.


Nice guys @Piere87 @PQC , will be good if you guys can help me … My dinos seems better than yours but I am nowhere reaching those trophies.

I touched 6K+ in Sept but before and after 5800 is my max … currently at 5600 (gained around 150 trophies in past 2 days because of my latest boosts).

Any help would be useful. My thread is here (Desperately need help with team and how to use Smilonemys!)

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Posted my team stats on your thread - your base creatures ARE better so it is probably down to boosts (or I’m an incredibly gifted battler :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) although having an L24 Indo G2 does seem to give me more favourable matchmaking.

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How often do you battle?
I used to do the bare minimum to accomplish daily mission and DBI and stayed happily around 5500ish, but ever since I keep an incubator running 24/7 I’m doing noticeably better. I truly believe the more you battle the higher you go. I have not improved at battling at all since beta, just adapt to changes.


Good point, especially to keep in mind. By the way I realised that since a long time I do enough battles to keep my incubators running all the time. Sometimes I miss for few hours or during sleep (where I tend to start 8 hour ones).

So on average does 7 to 8 battles every day (including losses ones).

I probably do 20+ especially since I’m now using HC to speed up incubators rather than buying boosts. Probably coincidence but I also feel I do better if there is a slot to fill :smile:


I’ve noticed it too (grats btw). It has to be because of ai giving trophies and that’s slowly improving the trophy economy.

I am still in lower aviary sitting at 4600-4700 trophies with no boosts in most of my weird team.

Oh I love weird teams! What does yours look like?

I really love fast and imnune dinos so my team is composed by erlidom, i-rex, tryostornix, smilocephalus, utasino, proceratomimus, spinotasuchus and thor.

This is where I’m at currently. Thinking about remodeling my team a bit but I’m not sure yet.

since when AI giving trophies? I never get them

I’d have to ask someone in my alliance, I don’t remember when it started. 1.8? Specifically the lose-twice-get-auto-matched-to-ai ais. Aviary and below. It’s a nice little injection of trophies.

@DeLana @Kodiakhunter1 @Wwwoodchuck


ohhh Aviary and below. Its a long time when I was below 5K trophies …

August 5200+
September 5200+
October 5318

Current high score 5230.

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Actually is Lockwood and bellow.


Correct, below 4500 for AI. I do not remember when they started, been a long time though, before 1.7 I believe. It sure came in handy with the boosts 1.0 reset! I lost my way down to 3000 and was glad to get a chance to get an incubator. Lose 2, incubator. Lose 2, incubator…

For my progress: Boosts 1.0 my high was around 4350, average 4200 area. Boosts 2.0 I topped out just over 5000 so far. I feel I am shooting above my weight with a level 22.5 crew, but i have been winning a few to still be slowly climbing. I am hitting those level 28 Thor and 24 - 28 Rats so it won’t be long before I drop to my final range.


Still progressing …

November Season 5803 +68
December Season … +212

Screenshot_20200105-042731_JW Alive

Not purchased a single boost since Boosts 2.0 dropped (and during Boosts 1.0 I only bought them with free daily and tapjoy HC); just keep steadily leveling and boosting my team - was even able to mix things up a bit and bring a new member onto the team.


I’m still progressing too. I wish they wouldn’t reset our trophies. I’d love too see if I can make it to Shores!

Also 100% F2P. Any boosts I buy come from saved, earned HC, boost strikes, DBIs, and regular battle incubators.