Surrender button in battle


I’m sick and tired of going in to battle and being absolutely wrecked and nothing I can do about it. It makes me sad to see all my dinosaurs died and dont even get a chance to battle. Just please add in a surrender button so I dont just sit there bored and Watching the die like they did 100 million years ago

There should be a Surrender button in PvP
PVP surrender option
Please insert a surrender option
Surrender in battles
Sore Losers
Please can we have a resign battle button
Please insert a "surrender" button

Yeah I agree that needs adding in to game soon


The downside is the rage quitters ruin it for those that want to play. Opponent started with raptor, i picked wrong dino boom quit. I agree with a surrender option just impose a 90 second wait or something. That way your (hopefully) not paired with insta-quitter every match.


Really if your being wrecked it’s because you need a better team. Try working building that. Some people add money to the game to build their team which end up being pretty decent. Quitting button would ruin the game play . Take the loss and play the game ?

I only lose probably 1/3 of the time but that because I’m out collecting epic and rare DNA everyday.
Also if you sit there and do battles all day long then your not playing it properly you just need to fill you incubator slot then go collect some DNA if you can’t spend the money go out collect DNA, coin ect my teams pretty decent


The surrender button would ruin the battles. You would keep getting players getting their first Dino taken out then hitting surrender. If you are getting beat just set your phone down and don’t look at it. The battle will be over shortly.


Or you could just get good, a surrender button sounds stupid. Might as well cut the cord like people do when they’re getting beaten in normal pvp games because they cant get good at the game, instead they whine that the games to hard or unfair.


Sometime your opponent get in a cycle and just kills all your dinos


So get a better team


But you cant change your team in battle


I dont even know if I should constitute a response to this. Get good, Figure it out, If you cant, stop playing.


That moment in battle and you know you have lost. I want to quit and can’t and so I waste my life waiting to end the battle


Who ever says get good obv has too much spare time. The game is designed that you dont always win hence the trophy count to balancd it out and 4 out of 8 dinos chosen at random


nah, in that case you can easily switch in your tank - that is, if you got one in the RNG-selection.


There should be a beer button. If you push it, you’ll get a beer.


Like they did 100 million years ago :joy::joy: don’t think there were indoraptors fighting stegodeous back then


Not to forget some missing 35 Mio years in between. Where did they go? Did Thanos took them?


I can’t see where this negativity is coming from. Surrender would be perfectly fine. If your opponent quits you get the win and the trophy points, they jump out they lose theirs. You could even introduce a hefty points fine for quitting.

The more quitters you get, the further you get for less effort.

This would especially be welcome now as the RNG element is garbage and can trash a game in its own right.


I’m not sure he had all the infinity stones by then.


But with the time stone time doesn’t matter to him. He can be anytime anywhere :smiley:


Yeah but even with the time stone it aint gonna change what Dinos you get so you still lose and need to surrender unless you can see the 1 out 400million chances of winning scenario…he presses strike instead of pounce, why would he do that!