Survey discussion: Speed Ties

The other threads discussing the current survey are predominantly focused on dino abilities, with almost no discussion of the last topic of the current survey, speed ties.

I’d like to talk about the options listed for speed ties, which in my opinion (which could be totally out of line with what everyone thinks and should therefore be completely ignored, ridiculed, and summarily trashed) are all bad choices for how speed ties should be settled.

My solution (again my opinion could be total garbage worthy of ridicule) is the following:

Speed tie would go to whichever dino gets to the arena floor first, whether that’s from already being there after taking out a dino, or being selected first at the start of the match.

To me, this makes more sense. If the dino gets in the arena first, it would have had a chance to gain an advantage of going first.

This should in most cases, eliminate The Who is closer to the servers issue. Most people take a little time to look at their lineup and make the choice of what to start with. This would mean choosing quickly could give you a slight advantage, if the match happens to result in a speed tie.

Thought? Feelings?

I’ll stand back and prepare to have tomatoes thrown at me if I’m the only one who feels this would be much better than any option listed in the survey.

Sorry but I would be happy with a totally random chance. 50/50 chance for both players regardless of connection.


My opinion won’t mean a thing if I can’t access the survey! Once again I tried on my phone and computer. No luck.

The problem with your solution is it still favors the same people, those closest to the servers. It should become truly random, no other solution is absolutely going to be better


As @Creative_Screen_name said, it would still favor those who have better server connection if both pick a dino with the same speed at the start of a match. However, I think it is an interesting idea, and would work well for other instances.

I actually voted for balanced random… because it essentially takes the rng out of the equation after turn one. And allows for a more strategic setup.

In truly random you never know who is going to go first.

That’s what I went with as well. No longer have to hope you’re faster at pressing a button. After the first attack, strategy will be more important.

Tryko vs tryko will be interesting.

Is there another poll? I don’t have one :weary:

I could deal with truly random as well… but id rather less rng effect the outcome then more rng.

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It was the last question of yesterdays poll.

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Oh thanks!

I voted it should be random. 50/50 is the only fair way of doing it.

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I agree with everything said, though I think using the first dino selected won’t be a bad from a server latency perspective.

In the current system, latency is a huge problem where whoever is closest to the server has a huge advantage.

In the method I proposed, it’s still there, but not nearly as bad.

I would imagine very few players tap their starter selection as fast as possible. I know I don’t. I look at my four dinos and think about which one I want to lead with. Sometimes it takes several seconds to decide, depending on what RNG gives me.

If someone is able to process their four dinos faster than me and makes their choice, I’d be fine with them getting the advantage if it comes down to a speed tie.

Yeah I voted same.

To avoid confusion and further complaints I picked status quo.

I think the completely ramdom is the fairier one. It works like that on pokemon speed ties and no one complains about It.

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I like the way it currently works because I usually win. I do not care that this is unfair. :slight_smile:

Speed meter with a moving bar. Whoever hits the button closer to the center, goes first.