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[Survey] Jurassic World Alive | Blossom Festival Creatures

Choose your favorite creatures!

Take part in creating future in-game events by selecting your favorites in this poll. The most selected creatures will be in the upcoming Blossom Festival Event!

Click the link below to start the poll.


Please for the love of god, everyone vote for Tenonto. And at least one of the longnecks for the epics…


Tenonto is one of the rares…

When will the event be @E.D

If we do tenoto we have more of a chance to work towards tenrex

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I voted Tenonto, Anky, Kentro, and Mammolania.

Sod the longnecks, can’t be bothered trying to dart their ridiculous tail to head attempts.

Oh, didn’t realize Cherry Blossom Festival was a thing in Canada too.

Anyways, I went for Scolo, Stgy2, Para, and Trike2, Tenonto, Nash, Argentino, Brachi and Diplod, and then my thicc boi Max. I’m so close to having one raid viable

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Hopefully we get to dart mammolania. We’ve darted maxima at least 3 times


i definitely voted lania. granted, rhino models are almost as hard to dart as the stupid snake ones.


I hate the rhino model, but I want to dart everything new. I’m sadly refusing dio this week because I haven’t darted grypo before

I love all the exclusive creatures included! I chose whatever for the commons, Nasuto, Tenonto and Meio for the rares, Diplod and Brachi for the epics and I chose Lania for the unique even though I don’t need any of them lol.


Here’s what I voted
Rare: Elasmo, Meio, Tenonto
Epic: DIPLO, pachy
Unique: Utarinex

I voted Meio, Tenonto, Elasmo for the rares, Diplo and Kentro for Epics and Lania for uniques

Exactly what I voted

Please vote for tenonto and diplo, both are great picks oh and anky too i didn’t vote kentro cause i find like 3 a day (around 2-4 but mostly 3)

By the way, Does this blossom event has collectable treasure chest everyday like st patrick scent event

Guys please go for diplo or brachiosaurus. Ankylosaur was a couple of weeks ago and brachiosaurus and diplo are the only locked Dino. Also if your lucky you can easily get 150 on brachiosaurus or diplo with no vip

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Both diplo and brachi where last week. I voted ankylo and pachy to work on tryko and smiloneyms two top tier dinos.

You can find both anymlosaur and pachysefolsaur in wild. I see it as I live in local 4. Ankylosaur, if you’re a decent darter you can easily get 200 with no vip

You can never have enough brachiosaurus or diplo. The only way you can get is sanctuary