[Survey] Jurassic World Alive | Favorite Legendary Creatures


Hello DPG members,

We’d like you to take part in the upcoming Valentine’s Day Event by selecting your favorite Legendary creatures in this poll. The most selected creatures will be in the event!

Click the link below to start the poll.


Nice. Hoping some of my personal faves make the cut.

We all know who’s not gonna get any votes

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Lol I just need that Ardonto

I choose ardont, sloth, allo, acro, and edpha

We all know Indo gen2 e Indom will win, I hope not, but I doubt

No Utasino :cry: (I mean I’m sure it’s because of the tournament, but still).

It seems like they forget the crazy carnovories survey

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My favorite legendary is my own hybrid. Ludia! Gimme one!


Arcocanthops, Alloraptor, Edaphocevia, Eremoceros, Diplogaia.

I’d like more DNA from these guys. And I’d like to actually create Arcocanthops, thank you very much.

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No monolometrodon :cry:

Acrocanthops, Alloraptor, Dilophoboa, Edaphocevia and Spinonyx. I’d have voted for Carnotarkus, but mine is pretty far off from the next level considering how hard Wuerho is to get.

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I went Alloraptor Edaphocevia Dsungaia Acrocantops and indoraptor gen 2

Just no stop

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Acro, Allo, Spinonyx, Koola, Ardonto

A selection without Tryostronix is no selection at all, is it? That said, my new favourite, Alloraptor, made it and it looks like a lot of the rest of you appreciate her too!


Acrocanthops, Alloraptor, Carnotarkus, Ardontosaurus, Dilophoboa


??? I just said “no monolemotrodon”

Dsungia, eremoceros, dilophoboa, acrocanthops, koolabourgania.

Odds are they will just add indom no matter what the community chooses


all i want is a monolometro
edit: i like phoru spinonyx and monolometro