[Survey] Jurassic World Alive | Features & Creatures 2022

Choose your favorite features and creatures has made a comeback!

Take part in creating future in-game events by selecting your favorites in this poll today.

Poll closes June 1st at 8:00 AM ET!

Click the link below to start the poll.

For a closer look at the creature options, check them out below:


Class: Cunning-Fierce

Hybrid Ingredients:

  • Compsocaulus
  • Scorpios rex GEN 3


Class: Resilient

Hybrid Ingredients:

  • Geminititan
  • Stegodeus


Class: Cunning-Fierce

Hybrid Ingredients:

  • Indominus rex
  • Smilonemys


Class: Fierce-Resilient

Hybrid Ingredients:

  • Mammolania
  • Keratoporcus


Class: Wildcard

Hybrid Ingredients:

  • Monolometrodon
  • Albertocevia

Voted the gem and indom hybrid and creature tracker . Although i liked the monolocevia and keratolania hybrid as well


For me it’s obvious
No more Carno, Indom, or Albert Hybrids Albertocevia was just released and is already a high tyrant, Albertospinos is also a good pick, and nonhybrid Albert is a dominating force in rare advantage tournaments.
Scorpius Rex Gen 3 and IndoT are both amazing creatures to use in the arena that tons of people have invested in and Carnotarkus is an excellent pic for a legendary tournament.
Indominus Rex also has two hybrids that are probably both getting buffed this update, we know that Indoraptor is getting buffed this update for sure, and Erlidom will probably get buffed too. Also, Smilonemys shares Carbonemys DNA which is needed for Testacornibus, which is needed for Arctovasilas, one of the OTHER fusable apexes.
Stegodeus has been here basically since the beginning, and it definitely deserves a hybrid.
Keratoporcus, while not on the list of creatures that need hybrids the most , also deserves a hybrid for sure.
Everyone vote Geminideus and Keratolania!


Geminideus I trust you <3
the first apex sauropod if it wins c:


oh my god that mammo hybrid looks so cool! his moveset would also be so fun to play with, a fierce tank that wouldnt have any swap-in gimmics and just relies on pure force sounds like exactly the kind of creature id want on my team!


I really want Geminideus and Keratolania to win! They really need hybrids to be useful for once!


Doesn’t matter who wins. They look all cool


These apex are getting more and more op

So we really newd more indominus dna hybrids and more cloak users


I voted for Indo and Gemini. Mainly cuz i really dont wanna see an apex flock floating around and id really like to see an apex sauropod. Also it gives Lidia a chance to make this new indo an actual indominus rex animation instead of an indoraptor cough cough Indotaurus


I voted the Indonemys and the Monolocevia.
As for the features, I voted for Creature Tracker.

I voted Indonemys and Monolocevia

Also i voted for the better darts option cuz after playing the game for so long some creatures you just never miss on anymore so having extra DNA is really good. My 2nd option was the tracker as it’ll be helpful finding certain creatures, but for me i already know where certain zones are and what creatures spawn in them which is why I didnt vote for it


Gemini and stegodeus is my vote mainly


How could you not vote for the players stats-feature?:sweat_smile:


I choose none. If I had to Id barely choose compscorp. All the other look absurd to create. No thank you. Especially on albertrhino needing 6 dinos and 2 exclusives. Big no. And i love indotaurus but enough with the indominus hybrids already and stop ignoring all the other problems

Why even make the features a poll? Everyone would love all of those features. I’m honestly surprised some of those features aren’t in the game already. Seems the team’s priorities aren’t in the right place.


Whaaaat why tho

Then vote for the rhino

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