[Survey] Jurassic World Alive | Features & Creatures 2022

Yeah that would be pretty cool…

When will we have the results of the Ludia and Jam City survey.



10 chars

next update the winners come out

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO when is the next update?

Probably july but don’t expect the poll features to be in it. Maybe we’ll see in the next update schedule of the next community update

Yeah I deal with level 24+ Monolos in the Aviary.

They broke the previous law that there would be nothing past super hybrids.

There is no such thing as laws, just patterns that ludia has yet to break

I once fighted a Lvl 1 Eremotherium then a Lvl 27+ Creature demolished me,you are luckier than me


I fought one day a full boost speed Indominus rex that got through my indotaurus cloak and got a crit killing it barely. The aviary is super annoying for me. I have been in there a year.

I just reached aviary :frowning:

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Char char get ready to face… your worst nightmares

i mena as an aviery player its kinds “be meta to win”

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Yeah but at least I won an epic incubatorin the battle when I reached aviary
Of course I immediately got knocked back down to Estates by a level 24 boosted Thor
Also of course I didn’t draw my Thor, Indoraptor, or Rexy in that battle

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Well, keratoporcus hasnt got it’s superhybrid yet and indom already has two, so we do need the ““ugly”” furry pig