[Survey] Jurassic World Alive | Features & Creatures 2022

I want at the very least Geminideus (I always wanted a longneck apex) and bonus if Monolocevia is in as I’d like a replacer for Magna as dimetrodon apex. My one problem with Geminideus design: It looks more like one ingredient is Amargocephalus instead of Stegodeus. It would have made more sense as an Apex stemming from Nodopatotitan. The back plates would have looked better as stego plates.

I voted for indom and compy i cant really explain why but i did.
The one i hope loses is mono idc for the rest

Good Votes:

  • Geminideus good sauropod option!
  • Compsoscorpius interesting concept
  • Keratolania it’s about time poor keratoporkus got a hybrid

Bad Votes:

  • Indonemys: it’s the same Indominus but with nothing interesting armor and already has many hybrids
  • Monolocevia: it is the same Albertocevia but with beaks nothing interesting, besides Monolometrodon already has a hybrid

Gemini apex, beautiful sauropod!

Because they look epic. And I wanted to.
You can’t do anything about it.

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The only two better options

gonna drop this down on all fours, or leave it how we’re voting on it?


I voted Compy apex. It’s the easiest dino to unlock for many players.

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I voted for indonemys and keratolania because indonemys would be a sick looking indominus rig apex, and keratolania because kerato and lania really need hybrids (especially kerato). However I would strongly support gemini and kerato hybrids. The ones that are definitely no no’s are monolocevia and compsoscorpius. ACevia is broken, and that flock would be a nightmare.


What happened to the previous features poll ?
Do we just have to be thankfull for the markers (?), forget about all the other promised features, and repeat ?


Not gonna lie, i feel they are falsely advertising indonemys as the in standing in two legs. Actual product will be another puru reskin.

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Voted Indonemys and Geminideus

Geminideus looks badass and it resembles Ankylodicus who should have been in the game

Indominus is a franchise icon and deserves an apex.

Compsoscorpius looks like a failed tadpole. Ugly.
Keratolania is a lost cause, we don’t need another furry. Arctovasilas is bad as is.
Albertometrodon is just… No. It’s gonna be a swapper, we don’t need another rat.


I wont be surprised if it was rigged for indonemys to win regardless. Indot was cool but getting sick of indominus hybrids now

I wont be surprised if it was. Im rooting for gemini as my number one and kera as my number two. I got over 25k of unused rex dna so i guess i wont frown down on indonemys. Albertcevia is a definite no since its tough to just gather albert dna.

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I hope the other hybrids from the previous poll will be added too.
I voted for the sauropod and strangely, the indom since it does look better than most of the others. Though I preferred the mono hybrid design but I fear it would be too unbalanced in game.

My mistake i thought it was rhino not metro. But i honestly want compscorp to win simply for an apex that isnt ridiculous to unlock solely for the dinodex and isnt another jwa exclusive indominus hybrid. Albert has albert. Kera has rhino. And as much as i love geminititan no thank you thats 6 different dinosaurs including diplodocus

But Keratoporcus does need a hybrid badly.


Give. Me. Alankylo. Hybrid.



I was wishing they would add Alankyloceratops and all the other hybrids that lost the last pool a few updates later but seems like they’re already forgotten
it really sucks :c
also we never got the other features too


You know i forgot about compy hybrid. Ill accept him too. He’ll probably be fully huntable. I do have a surplus of rhino and diplo which as it is we already use in our alliance sanctuary to level it up. As a veteran player, im ok with all except the alberto. My poor albertonspino is stuck at 28 and well albertocevia is stuck at 22.