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[Survey] Jurassic World Alive |Spelling Bee

Hi DPG members,

Time to brush up on your creature names!

There will be a Spelling Bee Event coming to the game and we’d like you to take part in it.
Select which creatures you’d like to see in the upcoming event!

Happy choosing!


i choose hard ones!

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There’s a typo in last question. Should be legendary instead of epic


What if this is Ludia’s intention, to have us check their text too? LOL

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Anyways, my choices:

Who cares about commons lol


  1. Arctops, because he’s exclusive
  2. Quetzalcoatlus, because he’s exclusive and creates Orion
  3. Tuojiango, because he creates Dio and Tuora


  1. Carbo, because he creates Carboto (who creates Cornibus) and Nemys
  2. Scuto, because he’s a new epic still waiting for a hybrid. Also because he’s battle exclusive


  1. Koolab, because she creates Gemini. Gemini isn’t very strong now but he may get a buff soon.

If Tryo still had FS, I would choose him (and I would still use him). Now he’s useful in raids but not in arena.

Darwez creates Daryx but is a lot easier to create than Koolab


One of my rare choices was wuerho because cow.

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Moo moo moo-Kaprosuchus

How does Ludia spell Legendary? :joy:


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Archy, Bronto, Purussa G2, Pho even tho I never dart commons.

Elasmo (cuz I’m selfish), Arctops. and Quetza (Also because I’m selfish)

Carbo and Pachy because I have a load of Smilodon IDK what to do with, and because I’m selfish

And Koolabourgiana. Cuz I’m selfish. Also because of Gamepress datamine

Can we get better dinos?


Also… creature.

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i know i voted for actops for rares. and tuojian. forget the third already
grypo and carbo for epic
koola for legendary

Um, there are a bunch of rare exclusives and non-exclusives that make good creatures. WDYM “Better creatures”

I voted for purru gen 2 for commons (and some others I forgot)
Whero, Dsung, and Arctops for rares
Grypo and Scuta for epics
Koola for legendary
I’m hoping this week will be good, as that’s one of the things you guys have been hitting out of the park this update


My vote:

  1. No one cares about this, stop ignoring the problem with matching, quit it with new stuff when you are breaking the old stuff

  2. Explain the issues we are seeing with shields because its a bit suspect how they work and then don’t work, its seems a bit unlikely this is a bug and is more likely a test

  3. Quit it with the different raid amounts for the party that beat the raid, give them all the same random value

  4. Through nerfs, buffs, or some other swipper-swappering of something, lets get some better balance to the dinos that are basically becoming the entirety of battle. Leave them strong…but in some form they should be lessened

  5. For all that is right and fair, quit it with the not listening and not responding to issues or replying with canned responses to problems that are rampant throughout this game. “We have informed the dev” is not an answer. “We have informed the dev” and nothing changes is not a fix

  6. Simply be a better company.

It’s not the mod’s fault. Don’t shoot the messenger. They’re doing their jobs. It’s not their job to make changes to the game


For commons… I forgot. But I remember selecting the terror birb and the common raptor.

For the Rares, I did Arctops, Dsungariptarus, and Quetzalacotus.

For Epics I said Scutosaurus and Carbonemys.

For Legendary I chose Koolamborgania.

I was really stuck with the Rares - I couldn’t choose between Tuojiango and Quetz for the longest time xD

Troy is still useful in arena. If you are slower, you use the refresh which heals the attack you just took and then once you are faster you use ready to crush and then rampage. You can still get off that rampage better than before cuz the crit is now higher with the other move. I think it’s better now. Orginiallly I didn’t cuz all I used was fs but now I think it’s better with the refresh.

You are making connections I did not say. There is an obvious policy within Ludia that development does not communicate with the clients. However, it is apparent, as historically we all see this, that this policy also does not allow an avenue of communication from the clients through intermediaries either.

I have (and still do) run and work on other forums. I have for many years now. The goal of a forum mod or admin in regards to client relations is to pass information both ways. When the bulk of what is seen is simply canned responses it reduces the effectiveness of the communication. This is basic description…this is simply how it works. Canned responses are fine when there is a follow up. We rarely if ever see that on this forum.

No single person, mod or dev, is the fault here…its the policy and processes put in place that cause this sort vague distancing from the clients and the problems they face. When someone calls them out on this, and then someone else comes to the aid like you have done, I think shows the “hero” here is misguided and ignorant of how a company should communicate. As well, “It’s not their job to make changes to the game,” is simply signaling like you arr making some valid point. A forum mod or admin is not in dev because they are likely not even skilled in programming or systems…adding a statement like that is for Internet points, and its pointless. No where did I say or mention that forum mod should be fixing the game. I said that the answers they give are not answers and that those non-answers are not replacements for actual development and fixes to the issues the clients have. I have no issue with ED or NED or any of those guys…I have a problem with the ineffectiveness of the communications they are allowed to make.

Or, it could just be that the guys on the other end don’t communicate well back to us, and there is nothing for the mods to deliver. And, they probably see many of the same stuff all the time, so if they don’t respond to you, they still may be tackling the same issue