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[Survey] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boost Reshuffle Event

Happy Monday DPG members,

We’d love some of your valued feedback on the recent Stat Boost Reshuffle Event you may have taken part of.

Take this quick survey to let us know your thoughts!


No option whether you did not like the event at all, but sure.

Filled in the survey, but I wish there was a ‘what you didn’t like’ about it because a boost reshuffle should never be during tournament.


should’ve had a comment section so we could describe our thoughts on the event.
i didnt necessarily hate it, but i didnt participate in it much.

I liked the event. Got to use creatures i never used before. I took off my typical team of tryko, magna, maxi, etc and I used these. I’m sure my opponents appreciated seeing different creatures in the arena.

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I actually only used it to beat Campaign #78 Lord Lythronax! :smile:


i took some boosts off my tuoar. i still need to add another 2 in attack to make it a little easier to heal to full health, but it isn’t a necessity.

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Never did anyone see the day where we would be putting attack boosts on healers, good thing they can only do strikes

Uh Colin healing is based on attack so we need lots of attack to fully heal your team. Also I loved the event it was fantastic even during a tournament because it lets f2p people switch boosts around so they can compete with the payers who have enough boosts to fully boost their tourney team.


I absolutly loved this event I wish however it came out at least every new update or once a month


Filled it in but there needed to be an option for didn’t brother/need to use the event.


I think it was great and should be done more often. It helps with variety.

I went from low library to mid aviary because of everyone else using high levels and I’m just using level 11-20 dinos with boosts on em, lol. I had fun with experimenting, though.

This survey is both a positive sign and a warning…dont deboost because they clearly are considering making the event reoccurring. It would be awesome if they make it quarterly or monthly and allowed us to level creatures then redistribute


The poll was stupid…I had a hand full of alliance members that didn’t even know about it. However in the poll they never had a spot to say I didn’t participate do to lack of information. I thought the event was OK but I won’t participate in it again. Which wasn’t asked either.

Yes it was a great event. Variety in this game is very important I believe to keep people involved and a boost reshuffle once a month lasting several days would be perfect and will keep many in the game involved and satisfied. I think having once a week fips would help in leveling some dinos instead of being stagnated and taking forever to level anything.

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Pretty sure the 1st or 2nd question asked if you were aware of and/or notified of the event… I’m also 100% sure there was a notification in game so I kind of feel like if you didn’t know it’s your fault


Yeah there was an in game notification when the event started and when the event was close to ending.

If you didn’t know about the event that’s on you.


I strongly believe there should be a reshuffle event every time major balance changes occur. The timing of this reshuffle was perfect with the release of the 2.2 notes. Please do more of these!

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Aw man, I thought this was an announcement of a second one :sweat_smile: