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[Survey] Jurassic World Alive | Summer Sports Poll

Get your stretches in and gear up for this Summer Sports poll!

Choose your favorite creatures in each of the categories provided.

Poll closes July 1st!

Click the link below to start the poll.


He hoped they vote well.

Sadly they probably vote the most popular creature, for example bumpy, compy, dipplo, and rhino, pretty sure bumpy will win the vote.


Voted for basically what I need.


Man, hope ppl actually get out the baby character by not voting what r good in the movies and vote something that are actually useful for the game.


Please make more of these polls. Would like to see one about new dinosaurs (non hybrid)


I wouldn’t count on bumpy but yeah compy and rhino are definitely high since they’re making good uniqes. I would say for the carnivores acrocanthops, Dakotaraptor and rex gen 1 are high on the list


Simply voting for the hardest to get in each group, that suit my need. If they are not spawning in the wild, it’s almost an automatic pick even if I’m not working on it yet.


I’ll translate for most voters:
Question 1: Which of this DNA you need most?
Question 2: Which of this DNA you need most?
Question 3: Which of this DNA you need most?
Question 4: Which of this DNA you need most?


Exactly lol. The best one and the one we need is different.

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Nah, I’m sure Whino will get the most.

Although Tryko is slipping away, I’m still needing Rexy’s dna for her. Also this is, if not, one of the perfect week events for creating Gem.

Can’t Diplodocus count? It’s good for Gem, despite not seeing her in the meta quite often.

Even if I think someone would prefer gem over monorino, I think.

Especially now ppl use Cera over mono

Yep but i think they rather choose rhino since he is a component for two hybrids

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Personally I voted diplo and rex for the epics

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More trex. I so want to level mine.

I just want to see who else voted for Allo Gen 2


We need Alloraptor. The world needs Alloraptor.

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I believe in Alloraptor supremacy