Survey on stat boosts

Hello, I’m from Chile, a while ago I see more the forum, to know what is happening with the game, and I have the feeling that many think that the game is broken, I think so in my opinion.

This survey is only to know what the minority thinks, which is in this forum, since most do not enter here.

Should the increase statistics be revoked?


Do not.

Here you go

Ohhh Thanks, I am forced to enter the forum, for these reasons.


i do not use stat boost nor do i like them. i believe they should be removed from the game or at the least have a separate battle arena so those of us not using them can battle like we did prior to the 1.7 update.

That’s right, the problem is that if you do not use it, the rewards will be lower as you go down more and more, tampoco es la idea, make you want to hack Ludia hahaha

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I don’t think boosts are going anywhere anytime soon if ever. We can all fight that til the end of time or change our perspectives. I like the game too much to quit so am going to utilize the boosts the best I can and keep leveling dinos like I’ve done the past year. Stat boosts are less effective than true leveling after tier 6-7 based on what I’ve learned and a team that shows all L30 is a goal of mine. The complaints are redundant as painful as that is to admit. I was strongly against the concept since the intro and learned I just need to adapt to the change. I’m personally not spending nearly as much on the game so progress has slowed.


Say I did use all my free stat boost, I will still hit a point to where I’ll be defeated just as I am now without using them. So you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Unless you’re willing to spend real money which I’m not going to do.

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So spend those free boosts. What is all this “Damed if you do” stuff?

Can you post a pic of your team ordered by attack?

@JHVS If I use boost that are free I will still hit a wall where someone paying for boost will beat me. So one way or another I will be defeated by stat boost. I may get a little higher in trophies but that doesn’t mean anything to me.

This is my team by default. Nothing is stat boosted. I can switch the order to attack sometime tomorrow. I don’t want to bother with it crashing on me again before bed lol


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What wall? Of course someone will do better than you that’s not different than those that would have been lv 30. There’s always someone better. There’s no wall everyone plays the boosts game with what they’re given only limited by if they only buy free etc.

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Why is that team not stat boosted? Strategy for the next update? If so that might be genius

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Just like to point out there is a difference between fighting someone a higher level and someone who’s boosted. You know the higher level worked to get there and didn’t pay or hack to beat you. Massive difference in my opinion, hats off to the ones who played for longer and played harder than me, they deserve it. I’ve not used my boosts yet either, I’m waiting to find the top Dino, maybe top 2 and then to slam them all on them, that’s my strategy. I’ll never match the people who paid or hacked but I can give myself the best chances against the ones that haven’t.

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I’ve said in other threads that they can’t remove them and refund because they’d end up paying the hackers real cash and they can’t do that. What I believe should happen is there should be 2 arenas, boosted and ones without boosts, that way everyone wins. It’s a simple fix after reading and considering everyone’s view on here.

Naw I’d rather have fun destroying a non boosted person lol

Check my suggestion

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You could call it my ignorance or stubbornness. I don’t want to use stat boost because I think it wasted what I’ve accomplished the last year playing hardcore not spending any money. I want to use MY team not a Boosted team.

Are you encountering other unboosted teams?

Not often. Sometimes not all their team is Boosted.

I hate boosts as well, but to be fair, this is normal for a competitive game and its not about boosts.

If someone pays for 10 premium INCs every day, they are gonna be much further progressed then the rest of us who dont, boosts are no different when they are for sale.

Hopefully they will never, ever go back to the store though. :slight_smile: