[Survey]The things which keep you entertain

Hi there, :slight_smile:

I would like to know what are the actual Main reasons you keep playing this game?

Even if the actual chaos caused by boosts and unbalanced in this game start bore me,there is plenty of reason i still love the game :slight_smile:

For me the firsts reasons would be:

-The addition of new interesting moves: : The most exiting is for me when i see an update with a new move (Swap in,no escape,rending,DoT…)Every time,i feel like more diversity in the game is a great addition
-The collection : Its like pokemon:Catch them all!! This satisfaction to see you have 190/190 and looking at your babies is just amazing.
-The events : One of my favorite reasons is obviously,the fact ludia keep entertain us by various events which give to this game a second life.
Even leap year which for some of us was a failure,im happy to see this event ,they could have done nothing but hey,at least we got “chance” to catch anything new.
Im probably the one who rushed sunday night the weekly schedule of the next week because of the exitation.

And you,what are your reasons? :thinking:

The TIME i have invested and the Potential of the game.

But seriously… HOPE


Yup,i know that feeling, i bet you have played this game since a long time and saw a lot of metas aswell.

Well for me arena was wrecked so stopped, but since there are more PvE elements in the game now as opposed to 6 months ago it’s worth giving a go, as someone else said, the sheer potential the game has.

Also dinosaurs yall!

12 hours after official and global release…

I have seen a lot and read a lot in these forums.

But right now i am really tired…

Yup,i understand you,i have almost stop playing PvP aswell (just reaching 6000 trophies so i can get the rewards and thats it)
Pvp is actually not fun,but hopefully,there is PvE elements (which need to be developped),after 1.7,i started to take a nap when i saw those 3-0 thor and DC.
Now the game take again,the bad direction.But i only expect them to cure the “cancer” they developp.


Constant top 250 in Leaderboards . Right now i play in the arena 2-3 games per week.
I stand at 5400+ …but the trophy count does not represent neither the level of my Dinos neither the player i am…

I hope for Boosts rework or more PvE content.

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Yup sadly,you represent the vast majority of playerbase…
Even in my team where people are REALLY active,we don’t reach lvl 8 of defense on alliance mission because nobody want to play PVP,
We have reach a point where we need to send a message in the chat to know if people have left the game or just don’t want to play PvP at the trophies reset (You know ,when it show 0 trophies on a player)
Every reset,i am really surprise to see in the first day,how many people don’t even do 1 FIGHT!

And i say again,my team is REALLY ACTIVE!
Now all 50 members participate to sanctuaries (even if they don’t play)and we have a really healthy discussion even about somethings out of the game.


Dinosaurs: I’ve been a fan of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures since I was ickle. It was dinosaurs that made me ditch PoGo for JWA. Getting new prehistoric creatures each up is what I want. I just want to get all prehistorics created and levelled to 20th.

It Gets Me Out: Whether I need any dino DNA or not (quite frankly I don’t at the moment other than exclusives) this gets me out of the house for a few hours each day - longer on a nice sunny warm day.

I don’t care really about the Arena or the like, I could happily just play the campaign over and over again. You have to do the Arena to get your incubators and rewards.

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My fun is in team building and refreshing the way I battle with new setups in arenas every couple of seasons, be it with boosts, new dinos, leveled up dinos and what not. It’s a gradual process tho, no shortcuts but the end result is satisfying when new team setups start winning in arenas, for me anyways.

I enjoy the drive with my music blaring.
1 hour of spinning if there’s nothing to hunt up to 3 to 4 hours if there’s something good to get.

Everyone I battle is pretty much on the same discord server.
I can actually say GG to them and it’s a different game when you get to know your opponents. (And being of a military mindset, I can speak colorfully without getting banned. Everyone’s an adult)

Smack talk!
My best friend in Savannah also plays and we racially insult each other on our alliance discord server.
It’s brutal and people that don’t know us are usually in shock when they first join.
Once I get to know new people and get a feel for how far I can insult them, I bring them into the smack talking fold as we push each other to achieve missions. It’s an aspect of the military I miss and it’s rare to find people nowadays that don’t get offended and simply grin and insult you right back.

And last but not least, min/maxing boost strategy.
I’m constantly fine tuning my team trying to get the perfect build.
Just when you think you got the “Perfect” build, you run into someone that smacks you silly in the arena and says “NO! Back to the drawing board with you!”


Unlock everything and battle with my favorites