Surveyors Unite- UNIQUES needed!


I am a co-leader of the Surveyors Unite Alliance.

I am looking for strong players who log in consistently every day, participate in Tournaments, PVP, Raids, and dart creatures.

Right now we’ve been a lot stronger and consistently get Rank 5 and 6 incubators. However there’s room for improvement as not many players on our team have Uniques. Uniques and Apexes wanted!

(Will add screenshots soon as my phone won’t let me.)

My username is ShehzainWyvern and I have only the Thoradolosaur on my team now but I’m well on the way to the following Uniques- Spinoconstrictor, Albertocevia, Indotaptor, Phorurex, Troodoboa, and Skoonasaurus! I have the Compsocaulus badge as my pfp

You’re asking for uniques when you have only one? If you are going to set a high bar you may as well pass your bar. Instead of working on 6 uniques you should prioritize one unique and work towards it. And if it’s a matter of not having enough dna you should plan ahead on the production of a unique by seeing which Unique ingredients you have has the most dna.

Also I wouldn’t recommend the Sino flock. Go for something that at least has a heal in it’s abilities

The tarbonathus is a good one

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I’m not really sure which one to prioritize to be honest. I know Skoona is good in raids. I have lots of DNA but I’m always missing Sinoceratops and Ankylosaurus (epic) DNA. I seem to only get those from purchases and I don’t do that all of the time. If you have suggestions I will listen.

As for Apexes I have no idea how people are unlocking them and getting level 30s without spending thousands of dollars.

Keep in mind I’ve only been playing since October 2021 so I’m still kind of “new”…