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Survival Gauntlets - What do you think?

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people complaining about the survival gauntlets. Saying that they are too hard, and they require a lot of sage fruits and energy boosts to beat the 6th wave. And even asking to end it or be at least just 5 waves.

Personally I don’t find them to be this difficult. It’s challenging but not impossible, and that’s what I like on it. I just need to find a good dragon combination to defeat each lvl. That way I almost never use my fruits, so they are capped at 99.
But talking with some people they were complaining about not having too many dragons to choose from as new players.

So what do you think? Is it hard? They should nerf it or end with it all? Or leave as it be? Let the devs know!


Personally, it’s all about strategy. What dragons to use, when to use certain moves, which dragons to take out first, and when to use consumables (I generally use at least one Sage Fruit per battle). Once you figure those out, you can finish any Gauntlet, no matter what your level is.


This particular type should end at wave 5. Yes it is possible to puzzle it out and manage without fruits or boosters but that takes quite some time which not everyone has to spare.
Also some set are just not beatable unless you have specific dragons of high enough levels and good luck with getting there. The entire gauntlet /brawl dragon level thing should be reworked from the ground up.


Personally, I’ll make one or two attempts at a survival just to see how it goes, but I don’t believe in burning multiple boosters per fight, especially in the middle of a gauntlet. Most of the time, after getting obliterated (an understatement, but I got yelled at last time I used more accurate language) once or twice, I just don’t even bother trying. Survival is so unbalanced that I just assume I won’t be completing it, and most of the time the rewards aren’t worth it anyway.

I agree with @Grond86 that it may be possible with the right combination of dragons, but the grade system is so jacked up and pointless that most players probably can’t effectively use those “right” dragons.

Also? The first 2-3 waves are just a waste of time; the opponents in those waves are so underpowered that they won’t do more than negligible damage, which makes those waves serve no purpose except forcing the player to slog through the motions to get to a wave that actually matters. (At least the third wave is potentially an opportunity to build up action points and/or buff your dragons for the next wave because you’re practically invincible, but I almost always spend AP’s in the first two just to get the darned waves over with, because I know I’ll have plenty of time to get those AP’s back, anyway.)


Too hard wven whit chapion dragons. Being counters was impossible

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I skip them… every single time. I’d love the extra Fish/Wood/Wheel stuff, but not worth wasting my time. Wave 1, they hit for 10, 2 for 50, 3 for 150, 4 for 400+, 5 for 700 (dead by this point usually, if not then just have 1 dragon going into 6/6). It’s another money grab for Ludia. Buy Sage fruits or else you’re dead. Whatever, standard gauntlets are ok most of the time. Sometimes even they just 1 or 2 shot you by 3/3, but I complete about 50% of the normal gauntlets, the other 50% I get stuck at the last one before the “big” prize. I’m not going to spend 285 runes to get 250 runes!


You sound like you have plenty of dragons leveled up for brawling. Me… not so much. It’s more like a slaughter fest by wave 5. 6 waves is too much and not fun, tbh. I agree with another poster that the first 2 waves are under powered and fairly meaningless. I also do manage to figure out which dragons would work better based on what the waves are, but most times I simply don’t have what it would take to win, and I save myself the anger and quit. Survival simply isn’t fun for me at 6 waves.