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Suspected Cheating?

Is there a way that people manipulate networks and cause disruptions for opponents? I’d been battling for 2 hours with no issues and then at a super convenient moment of selecting a Dino that could take out my opponents 3rd (or 4th if they swapped it back in) my connection disrupted for 20 seconds and forced my selection of a 200 health erlidom instead of 6000 health Thor.

Then magically the connection was restored just in time for me to receive a laughing emoji from my opponwnt, swap my Thor in and got crit-stunned and then get finished off.

I’m willing to suspend my disbelieve until Im confident that this is actually a thing, but is there a way that cheaters can cause network issues? I can’t remember the last time I had a network issue and I have a hard time believing it would happen at such an inconvenient time. Again, not necessarily pointing the finger, but it seemed very coincidental and I wanted to look into it.


It is theoretically possible to mess ANY server and cause these types of disconnects. However, it’s incredibly complicated (and Im not sharing it) and would have to be done intentionally. I’m not sure the protocol for reporting suspected cheaters tho, only had one possible instance and it was probably just a bluff


You could of gotten a DDos attack.

That’s why I’m kind of hesitant to really think that’s what it was. It was just perfectly timed and so inconvenient that it made me moderately suspicious. With it being fairly complicated my guess is I probably just got shafted with some misfortune.

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That and if the server is half is good as it should be, no one should be getting in there without permission


It always happens to me when I am about to win, never the other way around. You might be onto something. I attributed it to bad luck but it might not.