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Suspended or banned for no reason

I have been suspended or banned for no reason. I can’t login to my account. After the recent update i was having GPS issues. Earlier i had the same connection only. There was no issues. But this time this happened. And i have done nothing wrong. And i now i don’t know what happens. The support is not responding. And i have to sit here suspended for nothing. This is so annoying. Can anyone help me here ?

Was this post meant to be under Jurassic World Alive?

Oh yes. Where am i :grimacing:

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You’re at the right place.
Let’s hope some mod wakes up soon, but in general I’d say the only chance you got is to appeal with the support team. If you have a good story about why your gps glitches then there should not be a reason to ban you.
It must have been pretty serious though, I’ve had a ton of glitches on my previous phone and never received a ban.

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I switch on the GPS. And the map loads. That’s it. And the GPS location moves around on it’s own. I didn’t do anything. It is normal for the point to move around. It is never going to be 100% accurate. There are accuracy ranges. I just switch on gps and play. That’s it. I don’t know what i can say more.

Small shifts shouldn’t even be a problem. Mine used to shoot around a few hundred meters from my house.
I even got a 20km jump a couple of times, ended up in the middle of a river :slight_smile:

Hope support can help you out!

Yup. I was bouncing up and down constantly. And shoot to maximum about 250mts. And comes back. And continues it’s bouncing. None of these was a problem in the last version. It started with the update. Keeps on saying that i am going too fast.

I have a river nearby within a Km. I am not going to end up there though haha

Try to delete and redownload and log in and give permissions for location through your app settings.

Already did that many times

Are you downloading through data or wifi?

Using mobile data

Soo i dont know if it will make any difference for you but when I opened it the first time I opened it from the app store instead of my phone and the issues werent as bad as they were after downloading the second time. Again I emailed them like 10 mins ago, no response, if they do respond and give me useful information ill pass it on.

I don’t think it will make any difference. The support takes days to respond. Anyway thanks for the help

No Problem!! Hope u can fix it I know its frustrating.

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