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Sustainable game play

Ludia really great job with the campaign mode and the rewards were awesome. Hats off and… AND… it didnt even have bugs…:slight_smile:

Unfortunately this took most players less than a day to complete or get stuck. For me I need two more level 28 dinos to advance. Which brings me to an idea Im shocked you haven’t had or implemented yet.

Dino Crucible:

Wjy not give us the ability sacrifice DNA to exchange for HC, coins and Incubators or even specific DNA scaled for its rarity. Way more fun than the sanctuaries and actually gets people on the map.

You would make hunting infinitely more worthwhile as right now its becoming more and more stale and should be a huge aspect of the game.


Do you know how much Majungasaurus I have to burn in exchange for money?

So much.

Same here lol