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Swap-in abilities need to go


They’re game-breakingly unbalanced. Cheap, pathetic reliance on spamming these abilities has many of us stuck around our same trophy levels. The absolute worse offenders are:

-Dracorex Gen 2 with swap-in shattering rampage
-irritator with swap-in shattering strike
-alanqa with swap-in invincibility

Sure some of these abilities work well against others. But there are purists who absolutely refuse to use these cheap abilities to gain an edge. At the very least, if we don’t have a single thing in our 8 with a swap-in ability, we need to be matched with others who don’t have swap-in abilities. If Ludia can force cheaters to play against other cheaters, there’s no reason why they can’t limit no-skill swap-in reliant players to playing with their own kind.


Things wouldn’t be so bad if the swap-in ability triggered on the new dinosaur’s actual speed/initiative and not as an immediate action. That is what makes it too good.


Swap in counters

Invincible :
Used to mean unbreakable only removable with remove positive effect now can be removed by any and I mean any shield breaking move

Swap in stun:
Is countered by is self as it requires luck. If not your Dino most likely has that one beat on speed and will land next attack first which results in a severely crippled un removable Dino who is killed.

Swap in slow :

Your Dino is slowed but hits the swapped in Dino one time for free resulting in a hurt Dino who is stuck in play for 2 turns

Swap in bleed:

Causes a turn or two light bleed 50% or less of your Dino’s health open thier Dino to obligatory large HP reduction and in most cases is on a slower weaker Dino than what you have.

Swap in regular attack :
Has a low value as it is on low attack Dino’s. Leaves them pinned and in effect only puts the swapped in Dino on pat with a regular introduced Dino minus it’s instant nature. And again is usually on slower weaker Dino that can’t be removed from play.

Dracorex gen 2:
Was given 2x swap in damage but was slowed down and had attack points weakened for this as a result it comes in does damage is Locke and can be hit with out doing other damage back of ant appreciable strength.

When used correctly these abilities are very good but when the conditions are right the are more of a hindrance.

Any one who has used them has dealt with this.

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I’m still confused. Swap in is part of the game. It’s one of many potential ways to gain an edge. When you say “purists” it makes me think it’s people who really dont want to strategize. Swap in abilities make the game much more strategic. You really have to be on your toes about ways to use and avoid them. Otherwise the game is stale and boring and doesnt require much thought. Everybody uses the same 12 or so dinos and you hope you get certain matchups or if you dont you try to limit the damage. It brings balance to the game by allowing weaker players who are better strategists get further in the game. It’s how I’m in Aviary with one small crappy unique.


Then it would be pointless and have no strategy. You use swap-in invincible to block a huge attack. Swap-in stun or distract for the same reason. Letting normal move speed priority interfere with swapping dinos in battle completely defeats the purpose. At that point they should just remove swap-ins. If you don’t like where the game is going, you can always stop playing.


I’ve used Alanky since creating it. It’s nice to drop in on an indom, and can come in handy for other weakened dinos, but on its own it doesn’t always stand a chance. The only “cheap” SIA has been Draco Gen2, which will become less useful after 1.6. It will only be useful for the final killing blow now, and if you save it for that last finish there’s no guarantee it’ll work out for you.

I think SIAs are fair. There’s nothing stopping you from using them too. None are OP, other than DSR, but now it’s attached to a dino that can be easily taken out.


I’m confused? You sounds like a cranky of guy screaming “get off my lawn!!!”

You don’t like swap in abilities so YOU get to decide they are cheap and not worthy of user by purists? Dude. This game is not even a year old. Get over yourself. Play the game or go away. Raging about how “back in the day” just makes you look small, sad, and pitiful.


Sounds to me that someone was just outplayed and needs to blame something other than them-self…

I like using swap in moves and hate when they are used against me… but it’s part of the game…


It’s not your opponent’s fault that they are using a swap in ability. It is your fault for not adapting to the situation or the meta. Just because you do not like it does not mean others can’t use it and it shouldn’t mean that the game must change to accommodate every person who complains about it.

If you’re playing a sport and the other team changes their strategy and outplays you, do you whine and tell the sports league to remove that team and have them play with somebody else? That makes no sense.

In ancient times when countries went to war and discovered their enemies had better weapons, did they improve their own weapons to try to match them or did they complain that those countries with better swords and shields should only fight countries with the same weapons?


Frankly you sound like a sore loser.

First, you can’t “spam” these abilities due to the binding penalty for swapping in and secondly the SIAs aren’t the reason “many of you” are stuck at your trophy levels, it’s because you’ve reached the limit of your team’s capabilities. Work on improving your team and your tactics before pointing the finger at something that annoys you.

Then as far as I’m concerned these people are morons. I hate the game’s heavy reliance on hybrids and would much rather use the actual dinosaurs but I know that doing so would severely limit my progress. As a result, my team is entirely comprised of hybrids. I use what works. These “purists” should too.

No you don’t. If you choose to limit your play style by refusing to use SIAs, that’s on you. That would be like me saying that I need to be matched with players that don’t have dinos that I don’t have. It’s nothing but entitled whining.


To be matched to your apponents, why don’t you put swap ins on your team?


Why don’t you learn how to play instead of raging at everyone else that does and is having fun outplaying you because you limit your teams power because of your emotions towards a playstyle ludia themselves introduced! It’s like going to war and claiming the opponent cannot use their tanks cause your only bringing ground troops, see how that’s working out for you!?!?
If you don’t wanna use draco 2 at least learn to use it’s counter “PINNING” then you be smiling when you get drexxed as it becomes a free kill for both players meaning no advantage given

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I partially agree that there is just too much swap-in abilities as of now, just leave it for the pterosaurs I would say, cause it really destroys any strategic moves you are trying to make (just so you know, I’m free 2 play player, have 1 unique and am in the aviary without any SIA creatures)

I really feel like it makes the game easier for people who don’t really know what to expect from the opponent, cause it ussually happens with that annoying filth of a creature draco2 that they bring it out too early and then I know they have it and use it against them

I consider using draco2 a very cheap trick, but I feel like I’ll have to at least fuse dracocera now that SIA has taken over well-thought out strategies to at least have some counter to these cheap creatures that I borderline consider as cheating when you use them

In conclusion, SIA creatures have turned a game of an intelligent strategizing into a game of sheer cheap luck and must have dinos in order to progress…

What. A. Shame


”In conclusion, SIA creatures have turned a game of an intelligent strategizing into a game of sheer cheap luck and must have dinos in order to progress…”

100% agree !!

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That’s not entirely truth. Battles become sheer luck when you created and started using Indominus.

Since I got in Sorna, still deep in 1.4, battles become 99% RNG based. If I get right team, if Indominus dodges, if Stegodeus is higher than opponents, …

Games always begin and ends at starting lineup. With right 4 dinos you can win easily, with worst possible combination you are doomed.

I’m back in Aviary without any SIA dinos, but I’m planing to use some new ones if they can handle its place. SIA nullifying sounds interesting.


I agree that cloacking and evasive strikes are about luck, but you can work with it by, for example, not using it when the oponent expects it and strategize, the same way if you see your oponent use it, you are able to predict at least some of their moves… with SIA you can’t predict anything and your whole strategy crumbles…

This game is very RNG indeed, the right team, the right crits, the right dogdes, but isn’t that enough unpredictability for one game? You said it yourself, after Sorna it becomes about luck and that’s not how it should be after you basically train yourself to fight in the lower arenas

But as I said, the game doesn’t leave much of a choice for us honest players who have refused to use SIA up till now… I’m going to use it, but I don’t like it, cause I find it unethical… just my point of view that, I’m sure, at least some people share :slightly_smiling_face:

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You play wise man.

Yes, you train to battle in lower arenas to become better and learn what to use.

Later, everyone use SIA moves anyway. With more to come in 1.6, I think it will be a mess.

But the original strategy, like chess or magic the gathering, is official gone now. It was okey with few swap in thing, like original rare Dracorex, but after this, it’s just stupid.

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@Tommy289 By the sounds of it, one SIA has turned the game into “one of sheer cheap luck”: Defence Shattering Rampage. At no point prior to it’s introduction has there been this much venting about SIAs, but now? SIAs may as well be the work of the Devil himself judging by how people are reacting.

There is nothing wrong with the concept of SIAs, in fact if memory serves, a lot of people applauded the introduction of another layer of tactics to the game. But like all mechanics, it can be pushed too far and in the eyes of many DSR has pushed it too far. This does not mean that the other SIAs are bad (or “game-breakingly unbalanced” as the OP put it). It just means that one SIA is bad.


Don’t see it unethical except that broken SiDSR that will now just become worse with another dino having it.

SiA can be really tactical, but only few are hail Mary SiAs that can decide battle outcome.


/Another/ “I don’t like losing or unpredictable moves” thread???

Man. I think they should ADD more swap in abilities to bring back some of the more common dinosaurs to really mix things up, personally.

SISR Nundasuchus with a two turn lockdown to prevent abuse would be amazing as a glass cannon.

SI nullifying ANYTHING with two turn lockdown would be great too

I like the challenge it adds to the game.

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