Swap-in abilities preview

You know how you can preview the damage or self-heal you are about to do by long pressing a move? (I find this to be an awesome QoL improvement by the way, was such a nice surprise when I came back to the game).
Is there a way to have a similar preview for swap-in moves? Especially for rend swap-in damage vs a dino with rend resistance, calculations get pretty complicated for the 15 seconds move time you have

It’s not complicated as of now. With Rend resistant creatures, either multiply the .4 by .33, .34, .5, or .75 beforehand, then once you have those numbers memorized you just need to input health.

Thanks for the tip, but the point of my question is asking if there is preview available similar to the other moves. If I have to make calculations, I know how to go about it, I am just wondering if I can save myself that time to think about next move and strategy.

Yeah that would be nice, though I dont use Rending swappers myself. Just have Parathops for a swap in attack, but I almost never use her for that.

And it’s not that simple as you have to account for armor.

Personally, I liked it better back in the day when there was no preview, so you had to do all the math yourself, but that was a much simpler time as far as what the moves did.

If they’re going to provide a preview at all, it would only seem fair to include swap in damage as well.

I honestly don’t find the calculations that difficult. If you know that Phorurex does .4 Rending damage on the Swap-In to non-Armored and non-Rend resisting creatures, then all you would ever need to do is get your opponent down to a point where you can reasonably determine is around 40% or less of its full health, without necessarily knowing it’s exact value.

Consequently, adding in Armor and Rend Resistance just means the margins for reasonably determining the damage value obviously get smaller, so that needs to be taken into consideration.


Swapping a full health Phorurex onto a Mammolania will not do .4 damage, but closer to .2 because of Mammo’s 50% Armor. A Phorurex under the Threatened status will do significantly less, because it’s already coming in to do .2 damage.

Thanks for trying to help, but as I sad, I know how to do the math, I have played the game for a loooong time, and short of like a month, I always did the calculations, I am not asking for how to do quick math tips.
The rend was just a throwaway example, everyone keeps getting caught on that, I understand how it works.

The question is purely asking if a feature existing for some of the moves also exists for others and I just don’t know how it works for swap-in moves. I am not asking for alternatives to achieve the same thing.

The only rend swapper I have is phourex

The damage may actually be the same because when it’s threatened it’s a .2 rend that goes through armor.

I forgot Enteloceros and MRhino existed, but other than them no other rend resistant creature has armor.

Ok, final attempt. The rend was just an example, and I know how to do the math. All I asked was, since the feature is already in the game, but I don’t seem to be able to use it only in certain cases, am I missing something?

If the answer is No, and I am not missing anything but it’s just currently not available, I’d be glad if someone confirms it. That’s it. None of this discussion is on topic.

Currently no, that doesn’t exist. Like you said - it would be a nice QoL improvement if it did.

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