Swap in Abilities Timing or Execution

Swap-in abilities timing for execution needs to be based on the swap in creatures speed vs the speed of the opponents creature.

If my creature is faster than the creature my opponent is swapping in, I should be able to do my attack on the creature being swapped in before it executes its swap in ability.

So if I have a faster creature like Utasinoraptor and someone swaps in their Dracoceratops to take me out, my Utasinoraptor should be able to do its attack on Dracoceratops before it lands it 2X attack on me. In turn, my next dino can then take DC out. This would solve the DC OP problem. This would restore some balance in the arena.

If two players swap at the same time, the creature that is faster uses their ability first or if it’s a tie in speed, the player who hit the swap button first has their creature go first.

So if I swap in Patchy who has stun and someone else swaps in Draco, my patchy would execute its stun chance on Draco before Draco can pull of its 2X damage on my Patchy. This would help solve the DC OP problem. This would restore some balance in the arena.

They’ve set it so that all swap in abilities / attacks are used first. So if the non-swapped creature can still hit first, this would make swap in guaranteed dodge useless if there’s a velociraptor or something faster on the field. It would likely also make swap in stun useless since most of its users are somewhat slow.

I think only priority moves act before swap-in attacks, this is sufficient to solve the DC OP problem.