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Swap in ability challenges

Would like to make the suggestion to rethink some of the swap in abilities. Specifically the ferocity one. It should be switched out for a ferucios attack. It’s on a low health dino and you lose a turn to use it and get killed without giving any damage or blocking…I wouldn’t mind seeing more swap in stun or swap in wounding. Screenshot_20180919-103459

Love to get some feedback on what you guys think…


I agree … furious attack would be way better. Especially since the pterosaurs are on the slowish side and probably won’t last more than 2 hits.

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Level 13 Pteranodon?

Sorry these comments are a bit random.

I think the new flyers need to work. But it’s the trouble with swaps you are really vulnerable. Im worried swaps can’t be balanced.

The birds are slow. So hit twice before a real attack. Seems crazy week hope some people have found out they work or kind of what is 1.4

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of course they are all bad right now, because most people probably have them around level 10 or so. using them in arena 8+ they are going to get slaughtered.

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Pteranodon is according to metahub 2469 Hp at lvl 22. Two hit.

Nice attack with ferocity just slow and vulnerable on a swap in.

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I dont think they need to change this sia, bc all of swap in ferocity dino are counter attacker which means you almost guaranteed to deal 1.5x damage on swap(except you get stunned). If they have ferocious strike as swap in then it could do 3x damage on swap which is a bit op imo. I think what they really have to do is add some atk to these flyer

I have a 25 Majundasuchas and it gets 1 shot when I swap it in it has no speed reduced health and damage I can’t get it to work in any battle it’s so sad…:sob:

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The swap basically is it’s first move. So in a fair fight say in the friendly arena where at level 26 it has 4000 health and 800 damage you can survive in order to effectively use swap in. My understanding though is they would like to see these dinos used now not later. The meta will not allow them to shine. Also they were trying to change the tank meta by adding more dinos but none of the new ones can really be effective until they are high levels.

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Honestly. I haven’t played in a while but I think this swap in ability is utter garbage. The whole point of a swap is that you are getting a higher hp Dino in. Now since you are the first one to move, because swapping Dino’s move first, you go from a Dino that is about to be killed to one that has just killed the other guys Dino because he didn’t swap… that is a stupid feature of the game. I used to be impressed with their battle mechanics, but this new swap feature literally takes away the penalty for swapping dinosaurs. Honestly. Just get two dinosaurs with damage dealing swapping abilities and you are set.