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Swap in and counter attack idea

Stun and dodge in general have a 75% chance of working. So, Why not give Swap in attacks (that do direct HP damage) and counter attacks (That do greater than 0.5 normal damage) only a 75% chance of doing damage? A nice little nerf that makes these moves a little more fair.

Cries in Stygidaryx

I don’t know his move set but he can be buffed in other ways

Look, just cuz :rat: exists, doesn’t mean you have to nerf every sia


I hate all swap in attacks and personally don’t think any swap in moves should do direct damage to HP. I also think counter attacks should only be 0.5 normal damage max. But I am just holding my breath if I request that

How is Stygidaryx affected? I thought this only applies to Swap in attacks and counter attacks.

Oh right op was talking about swap in attacks and not general sias! Silly me

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Just remove them :smiley: Why complicate things

Remove counter attacks? Nah, they’re pretty balanced. Dio and Tryko, while great, still have a lot of counters


Remove Swap in attacks!

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Leave counter-attackers out of this. They’re fine.


As I have pointed out many moons back, Tryko need a buff - she should get 1x counter attack damage instead of 0.5x. I can’t see many Dinos able to bring down the Great Wall of Longnecks i.e. Maxima and Gemini (most of the immunes are relatively low in HP; other Raptors will get slowed down). Hence, I believe Tryko most likely stand a good chance.

Needless to say she is a Tyrant and one of the hardest to level up.

Don’t you think we have enough moves that depends on RNG?
Coming to the matter, leave counter attacks. There’s no need to change those.


No way. Neither of those are unfair at all. 1x swap in attacks and counter attacks are balanced and don’t need a nerf.

A great idea!!!

Based on this idea,i thought of a new idea of Immunity: {Immunity to Counter-Attacks}

2x damage SIA its all that need to be extinct from the game all other sias are fine


What about rendering counter attacks? Too op when the counter attack is better than the basic attack of the creature?

Don’t nerf balanced SI dinos just because DC exists. Monostego and DC aren’t even comparable.

And don’t touch counter attacks. Why in the world are they in need of a nerf? Did a dioraja crit counter you for an undeserved win today?


Rending counters are honestly fine, they’re able to be distracted and, as far as I know, only creatures with low attack stats have them.

I feel like Monosteotops is under balanced even with it’s SI, so I personally wouldn’t like it if they removed all SI damage. Although I think it was a stupid idea, and it’s stupid that anything needs SI damage to be strong.