Swap-in-damage have killed the game!

How is this supposed to be fun?

3 x swap-in-damage in the team…?!

How can we use tactic gameplay when the game look like this…??!?


Looks fun to me.
I dont understand the problem.
I wish all my opponents used Magnus, Spyx, and Hadros.


You may also swap in IndoT or Hadros to do counter damage and finish off a creature/match.
Or swapping them out. it doesn’t really differ much with the ones you highlighted, xD

Its not fun, it has ruined the game. One of the main reasons why I don’t play as much anymore.


I actually do not mind swap-ins at all. It’s a big part of meta now, so I expect a swap-in creature when I am playing and try as much as possible to anticipate that. Depending on which arena you are in you can usually predict which swap in creatures will be used. Cera is not as widely used anymore since her nerf. She is easy to take out and a sitting duck once swapped in. Rhino is a great swapper, but you can almost count on her being KO’d after doing a kill on swap in by revenge from a fierce. Phoru is by far the most difficult swap in to escape from if you are expecting a swap in, but since most everyone has a phoru, it’s one of those things where it can work for or against you. Parasauthops is also a good swapper, but fewer of those maxed than the others listed above. Typically a team will consist of only 2 swappers at the very most. Swappers have their time and place, and I honesly like having the option to swap in and out when strategically done. Thing about swappers is, they usually don’t last long after you swap in minus phoru or para. Rhino is usually a goner because you can guarentee a fierce will be out to take it down. Same with Cera.

Yep. Any dino with a counter can be used as a swapper if correctly used. I would aslo count Scorpy as a swapper, too. However, if you want to talk powercreep meta, that’s another topic entirely lol

Imagine if Spyx/Cera was Parat

Swap in damage has always been an issue for some, and probably always will be. Those who don’t like it say it’s because it takes no skill and destroys any element of tactical play. I think this goes back to when Dracoceratops was given a DSR swap in that pretty much destroyed so many dinos upon its use. And I agree this was perhaps the most ridiculous move ever. Sadly it made so many players despise any swap in damage moves for all time it seems.

Swap in damage is no worse than any priority move in my opinion. Of course it’s nasty when your opponent uses a swap in damage Dino when it’s your last Dino on the receiving end of it. But is that really any worse than someone swapping in a Snake leaving you locked in?

Swap in creatures are all susceptible to big damage if they don’t get used to finish off your lower health Dino. They barely damage a full health creature. Phoru is a bit more problematic as it has a priority rampage but plenty of counters are out there now with Dioraja now making a comeback. Skoona will destroy it too, even Monolorhino will hurt it. Gemini hurts it pretty bad too.

So I’m ok with swap in damage now, it requires skill to use it at the right time and equally skill is required to see it coming and counter it. Just as any other move in the game. Some love it and their match play relies on it, others hate it and find ways around it. It’s all good!


Indotaurus is the only problem child I see there (I can’t stand that it’s Cloaking ability somehow doesn’t factor in it’s Counter-Attack; Erlidominus does not have the same luxury of being able to Dodge and get off two attacks, so why should Indotaurus?).

The others have their counters, and anti-swapping creatures are becoming more useful overall, so if you’re having that much trouble then it’d be a good idea to start investing in one or all three of the anti-swapping Snakes among others.


Swap in actually is fine and adds fun to the game…
it revs up your strategy game mate…
Thats why i keep Grylenken in my team, is to anticipate enemy swap ins

(swap ins are very very predictable now.)

But, i do still use swap ins, even tho is usually finish with on escapes…

I mean, just read @Schtemty’s post…

Personally the only changes Indot should have for the sake of balance is the cloak multipliers only reaching 2x multiplier so it doesn’t 1 shot anything on revenge otherwise it needs its 2 2x multipliers to not be completely cunning bait

Here’s my opinion to balance things out. Make the Swap-in damage creatures lose all of their swap immunity so the creatures with No Escape can do their job. Honestly, too many creatures have a swap prevention immunity.


Well it is bad
on my team i have only 2 swamper Scorp gen 3 and Monolorhino

And I think some of it must be a little balanced except the stun cause compy dracorex combo on tournis is really anoying.

It seems the Phourex Have taking over the meta. How fun is this…!!!

Why play anything with low health…!?

I have been thinking this for a while, there needs to be a limit on how many times the swap out button can be used in a battle, say max of 2.

I recently played someone who swapped out 7 times in one match (all bar two were swapping out to something that caused damage). If they don’t fix it soon I imagine the arena will be dead sooner rather than later. In this meta, 99% of the arena creatures I face are from a pool of a dozen or so dinos, it’s become extremely boring…

While I guess it can be a little annoying for some people, I wouldn’t say it has “Killed” the game. You see, swap in damage is pretty important when it comes to battle and shows some variety. You see, if you draw a team of Utahraptor, Pyroraptor, Velociraptor and Deinonychus and your opponent draws Gorgosaurus, TRex, Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus, who would win? Probably you all the time, which would be repititive, but if you decide to have the same teams go again but replace one of the fierces with something like Nasutoceratops the disadvantaged almost full fierce team would maybe stand a chance due to it’s swap in damage and maybe even win the battle.
Overall, swap in damage is a important thing in battle, sure you might hate it but without it battles would be extremely boring and without it certain teams would beat certain teams every single time.

The problem is, too many creatures have swap immunities. (Especially tanky dinosaurs like Mammolania, Testa, and Mrhino)

The biggest issues are, one, creatures that should be countered by Fierce (the creatures that utilize swap prevent) have swap prevent resistance or immunity when they shouldn’t (tanky resilients). This makes No Escape, the most common On Escape ability, really bad. Another issue is that there are much more creatures with Swap in abilities than with On Escape abilities. I don’t think swap in damage should be removed or heavily nerfed, but instead give better on escapes to more creatures to prevent swapping from being extremely easy like it currently is.


Pho, at least on my team, is used as bait to draw my opponents pho or any swap ins they may have. The sooner i draw em out and take them down before they can escape the higher my probability is of winning the match. And in an arena like shores, my pho is really great bait.

What speed entelolania do you have? My entelolania is currently lvl 25, 125 speed, 1740 dmg, 5.2k HP. I use Entelolania later in matches generally, but it sometimes good when paired with Parasauthops or Phorurex. Vulnerable + Swap or make the enemy vulnerable, heal, and then swap and wreck is a great setup strategy I use!