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Swap in Damage Is a mistake

Ok why Is Swap in Damage still allowed in the Tournaments? Seriously Is so Easy to steal a Víctor y with minimum effort, and most of the creatures that have Swap in Damage can either cleanse themselves or heal themselves until they can Swap out, and some people even keep swaping in and out over and over and over again, its so scumy I wonder who It even es allowed, Swap In Damagers shouldnt be able to clean themselves or you should ay least allow priority loves to go first once the creature enters the battlefield


I have said in the past that priority moves should trigger before swap in abilities do but it generally gets shouted down. That was before Dracoceratops was brought down to a more balanced level. These days I don’t have so much of an issue with it.

The swap in and out method is a fair tactic. I’ve played the same with a pure ceratopsian team and played against the same. It’s a fair and valid means of playing.


Its scumy, its cheap and worst of all annoying, if they at least take away the ceratops abilities to cleanse with Dig In It would be much better, ir if they at least ban Swap In Damage creatures from tournaments so people can t exploit an Easy and cheap tactic

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That’s silly it’s perfectly fine


Thats what all those who use it like the crutch it is always say

I actually like the idea of priority moves triggering first.

My biggest issue with swap in abilities is that there’s no way to counter them if you don’t know whether your opponent has one. You know every other move your opponent has at their disposal, but not swap in abilities. They just come out of nowhere. The only “counter” is to assume your opponent is going to swap, even if they don’t have a swap in attacker at all! That makes them very annoying to deal with, and they affect how pretty much every match is played.

I think you should be shown your opponents team at the start of the match, just so there aren’t any hidden pieces on the board. This is a clear nerf to swapping. So in exchange, you should be allowed to set your team order at the start of a match. That way if you are running a swapping team, you don’t need to luck your way into a good swap order.


I don’t mind not knowing as that is part of the surprise part of the game. For example a priority invulnerable shield or cloak, when you are close to being downed. Having that trigger after a suspected swap helps counter and keep your creatures alive slightly longer. As it currently stands even if you know or suspect that the opponent has a swap in creature unless you have a faster swap in defensive (like the azdarchid pterosaurs) you’ll lose your creature more often than not. Allowing priority moves before swap in moves allows you a tactical second guess.

I wouldn’t like that. I like not knowing what they have. Second guessing your opponent is part of the game after all.

I suppose not knowing is fine. I would like to have priority moves as an option though.

I understand the argument. I just think there needs to be more transparency. Like if I’m facing a given dino, I can click on it to see all of its possible moves. But there’s no way to know what swap in moves your opponent could use instead. That would be ok, but these moves are often just as strong as many normal moves, and currently have ultimate priority. There needs to be some kind of counterplay for them.

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You had my like already at the title.

Maybe if we could know if the enemy has swap in abilities

Generally swap in comes with a price attached.
You are held in place and your creature is generally slower so it will suffer a free hit from the opponent.
Swap in moves in this tourney don’t really have the impact they do in epic tourneys.
Draco, Eina and Triceratops are easily wiped out with the fierce creatures available even if they do get a sly kill in.
Worse than swap in are the lion and Andrew which both are op for the rarity they are.

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Except I don’t use any swap in damage and the only swapper I use is quetz

Is it scummy? Yes, is it annoying? YES, but I feel it’s fine in the current system. Most swappers function fine, and with low-er HP they’re fine

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This tourney is pretty swapping in heavy but most of them do low damage and are slow. Except Dracorex but it doesn’t stun.

Considering I avoid skill tourneys like a plague after my 10 takedown, I found it fun and if was forced to play would actually enjoy them.

There is a counterplay only Ludia is too lazy to actually put it more mainstream. On Escape genre of moves. Everyone knows No Escape exists but really how many know how to exploit On Escape as a tactic?

It isn’t really a counter though, since you aren’t using it to counter a specific swap in move, you just prevent your opponent from switching in the first place.

The only reason swap in in this tournament is not worse than in the Epics is because there’s no Rhino at 1500 damage, followed by a 2250 “undistractable” Impact… But it’s still VERY annoying and decisive and I’ll tell you why: because of No Escape! Start with Purro and nothing can take it down besides Lion or another Purro with speedtie… Anything else, Purro either kills it or weakens it enough for you to send a swap in damage creature to kill… And it’s safe to do so, because you can swap out but the opponent can’t! I do it all the time and others do to me all the time…

Sure, it’s not a game breaker by itself, cause then if the opponent has Andrew, he can just kill you, since it’s you who can’t escape now… Then you send something to deal with Andrew, which can only be a cunning creature… So the opponent might hit you once, or immediatly swap out to any of the SIA users, since they are all resilient… then you might send your own Andrew or Spino… and then… do you see the pattern here??

It’s what I’ve been saying for months… swap in damage PLUS No Escape is breaking these tournaments in every rarity…

No escape should lock down both creatures when is triggered.

No escape resistances are distributed wrong. In current system creatures that counter creatures with no escape abilities should have 100% swap prevention resistance (for example Entelochops).

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They can’t swap.out they can Imagine on Escape Rampage on DracoRat escaping followed by Rampage on the incoming MonoloRhino. That would kill the DracoRat and injure the MonoloRhino so that does make the swapping strat quite risky.

More on Escape moves would make swapping less ideal since they make swapping in and/or less rewarding. On Escape Evasive Strike for example hits the swapping out for 1x damage then potentially reduces the damage taken by the swapping in creature. Also makes Swap In Nullify less lame.

I see that, I just think it’s challenging to use no escape proactively to counter swap in moves. The best you can do is switch to one when your opponent is low on health, and even then there’s no guarantee they were going to switch at all: you could just get in a free hit on the dino you swap to. Unless you purposefully run a team full of no escape dinos, it really just comes down to luck with whether or not you have one in.