Swap-in damage preview

There should be a way to preview how much damage the swap-in attacks will do. The most hopeless is Swap In Savagery. It can be really hard to calculate exactly how much 40% of a creature’s health is. We’re not supposed to play this game along with a calculator, are we?


Actually, it’s cool to do some math while playing the game. But yes, there should be an option that would show you the exact number of damage that a Swap In move will inflict. This is especially important when talking about Rat, because his damage is based on opponent’s HP, so it’s different every time (it also doesn’t pierce armor or destroy shields, and that makes things even more complicated)


Agreed! And I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where you think like “that should be about 40%” and then you miss with like 50/100 HP :tired_face:

I don’t agree.

Things actually are quite easy and for me it’s fun to see how people risk without even thinking it twice.

What will be next? Ludia, tell me which dino and movement I have to do to win?

I think they should be left alone. Not only does it l force you to be smart and calculate, it’s also one less thing to break and complain about.

I find it relatively easy to calculate using the health bar as a guide. I look for a rough estimate of where the line should be between1/3 full and 50% full. The closer to 33% the line is, the more confident i am that a SIS will finish a dino without armor. 50% armor is easy enough to calculate while 20-30% is a bit harder for me. 10-15 is bring the bar closer to 30% to be safe.

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I Think There Should Be A Symbol For Equal Speed Dinos And Like What Was Stated Here.

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Thinking like that, there shouldn’t be any damage previews. But they exist and they are very useful for players which don’t want to do the maths. So I don’t know what’s your problem

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If you play on the move in the everyday life you don’t always have time to overweigh every single tiny decision and do the math. 50% of something is easy to calculate, but the exact number 40% turns out to be is not always that easy to figure out. And the numbers are not exactly rounded out for the most of the time

my suggestion: remove every single damage preview of the game.

and add a calculator as a great offer in store. you can buy a calculator for $9,99 and you use it for 1 month.

and if you opt for vip2 plan, yoh have 30 seconds to calculate before choose a move.



Yeah of course, but it’s not a perfect system.
Would be nice to see the health bar split up in 10% for example ( | | | | | | | | | ) or 15 maybe :man_shrugging:t2:

I understand your point and of course it is sometimes frustrating. But I don’t think it’s necessary.

Then, why not adding…

Swap in bleed damage preview?
And preview of damage when I swap in with a counter attacker? (Which doesn’t have SIA).

And preview of damage when swap in after a vulnerability strike of a turtle?

I just think there are too many variables and we players must think a little bit just before using at attack or a swap in.

25% is 1/4 of the full health and way easier to calculate.

Yeah of course think. You only have 15 seconds to think though. Not everyone is a quick minded mathematician

I’m not a quick minded mathematician.

Over exaggerations. Over exaggerations.

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I just said my point of view stating that it was not necessary. I am not using a gun to threaten Ludia to implement or not your proposal.

i can’t believe we are caught in a dracoreligion discussion again.


but let me give another 2 cents:

you are facing tryko and it’s about to do a possible dsr. you have draco waiting to try that stupid swap in savagery move, and you have a good chance in battle if it finishes tryko. if not you can try another very risky strategy.

it’s a lvl 23 tryko, tier 4 health boosted.
4275 total health… it’s now with 1198 left.

can you calc if that move finishes tryko, without using a calculator together with
your phone? … … in less than 15 seconds?


or we are talking about “i hate draco, leave that rat with a broken move” versus “i still love draco, please give me a chance to use that new move without using a calculator”?

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That’s what someone who held Ludia at gunpoint would say :flushed: :policeman:

I like your cents :moneybag:

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Stop trolling dude. I’m really tired of your behaviour.