Swap in damage should be nerfed! (long rant)

Feels like ages ago that I was cursing the DSR Rat, and here I am today, still having to deal with this same kind of garbage. Sure, Rat’s SIA is not as strong as before, but now we have two bigass Rhino-Rats added to the party to compensate… And it’s gonna be FUN when Ceramagnus start appearing too… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in battles in the Shore against both Rat and Rhino-Rat, in the same match, swapping in and out. Or sometimes both Rhino-Rats. Seriously, this is so freaking annoying. Unbeatable? Of course not (depending on your team), but very annoying.

Swap in damage is still too decisive. I’m not saying it shouldn’t exist (though I wouldn’t mind that), but they certainly shouldn’t do this much damage and their users shouldn’t be able to escape a freaking No Escape ability! Notice I’m not complaining about the ceratopsians. They are ok in that regard. Swap in damage should be a resource to take out that OP creature at low HP and MAYBE escape if it survives, but this is not how it works. “Oh they need to have higher HP and be immune to swap prevention so they can be more useful!”… NO, they don’t!! What’s the point of having a No Escape creature or pinning move, if the two meta creatures that should be pinned the most are immune to it??

The worst of all is that boosts are not the main reason for this. Maybe only for the Rat. But we can see how decisive both Rhino-Rats are even without boosts in Skill tourneys. Add that to this already unbalanced meta, and we have this extremely lame endgame, where one creature can destroy your whole team if you don’t use that only counter of yours, but then your counter gets taken down by a Rhino-Rat and that’s it…

Months ago, when the Rat got a hybrid, I made a thread predicting the arena would become crowded with Rat and ProRat. I was wrong only about one of the creatures. It’s actually crowded with Rat and Rhino-Rat… And I hate it.


Don’t forget tournament rat. You could be a normal cunning trying to kill a fierce creature and BAM! 1k damage(Up to 2k at level 30 with 20 boosts) that you cant do anything about in your face. Even if you survive, you’ll be slowed probablly killed by incoming impact


Indeed… Just focused on the ones more used in the highest of highest ranks. We usually got at least two players using both Rhino-Rats in top10 and two more using Rhino-Rat + Rat

And again, Ceramagnus is coming… That thing will have the epic Rhino-Rat’s damage, with more armor and better moves. This is going to be horrible…


Imagine facing an opponent with ceramagnus, rhino-rats, and tournament rat on their team…


I think 3 or 4 top 50 players still run tournament rat on their team with 20 dmg boosts, the rhino-rats are a bigger problem but tournament rats still exist. Thats why I pointed them out

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The rat was fine when it had swap in stun to counter rat Jr.

I want that back. So tired of these swap in damaging creatures. :weary:

There are two things in this game I will laugh and yawn at. Spamming swap in rats, and people that have a Thor with over 130 speed. :roll_eyes:


I think the reason they’re more annoying now is you can’t set up on them like you used to be able to. They’ll usually be able to snipe something, heavily damage something else, swap out before being taken out and then repeat.


I agree with this, Ceramagnus has a lot of Damage to be a swaper and his movement set has nothing to do with the ceratopsians

I championed the nerf of the excessive swap in DSR that the rat had, and have never even come close to using it. Ridiculous doesn’t begin to describe that incarnation.

Monostegotops and Monolorhino are a different ball game in my mind. I have used them and I don’t feel bad at all as they have the chance to stun Thor and take its hit with a chance to get a hit back in on it. Neither are game changers and are far from op, if anything they could use a buff given how hard they are to fuse.

But the rat? Still an absolute pain and it’s now doing more damage than ever as the long necks at 9500 health will be hit with 4000 damage and the rat often has such ridiculously high health it’ll get another big hit in. Crazy when Monolorhino has such a weak attack and deals a fraction of that when it’s so hard to build.


Rhino-Rat is actually worse than the rat. If you don’t have an armor breaker against the rhino, you’re done for (or even if you have one, it might not be enough). This thread was perfectly timed, cause I just had a losing streak of five losses, all of them, all single one of them, against max boosted rhino…


@Arnold I can only imagine there are dinos at every level that become the bane of pvp.

I just lost 3 in a row to max boosted Thor’s and my Erlidom cloak was broken by every one of them. So frustrating. I have a Monolorhino but it’s only level 23 so far, and with the Thor’s, Mortems and Tenontorex in lower Library it’s pretty useless.

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Honestly, Rhino is the only one that I really want to be nerfed. Rats may be annoying but you have rend resistance for them.

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For months I kept myself on low Gyrosphere exactly not to get stressed out when I just wanted an incubator. But since November I’ve been battling in the highest I could, giving one more chance to the arena, and it’s been this absolute garbage ever since. I don’t know how I got close to 7k trophies last month without my own Rhino nor better counters against it…

I had enough of this crap… Three more losses against this thing! I’ll soon go back down on purpose again and for any weaker player I beat out there, that’s on Ludia. Screw it…

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One easy fix to this issue is to make on-escape moves more common. I really like the concept and during epic tournaments, at least you can equip boa to help prevent/discourage this. But only 2 legendaries and 2 uniques have on escape moves, all of them are quite bad.

As far as rhino/draco/others are concerned, I still agree here. Every day I face someone with dracocera that has either 149 speed or 2700 attack. Cleansing impact on it really needs to go, or better yet, make it so it can’t cleanse the swap lockdown. Giving it vanilla impact or lowering it’s attack and giving it rampage may be a better idea.

As someone who uses monolorhino (albeit 2 levels below the rest of my team) I can agree it is very powerful, but it is trapped for 2 turns no matter what. It’s T1 damage after swap is also not good.
Tryko, Tenon, Thor, and others can usually come in to take it out in 2 hits, if they can’t they’re usually getting it down to it’s last legs and will put in a big hit on whatever it swaps to. If you don’t have a shield breaker, then yeah, not fun. But it’s also very difficult to make, so it should be powerful (as opposed to dracocera and wooly rhino)

I assume by tournament rat, you’re talking about wooly rhino? This thing 100% needs a nerf. Both in and out of tournaments, it is insanely overpowered. Lowering its attack to 1100-1200 would keep it relevant, but reduce its sheer dominance.

Unique dracocera I don’t have a problem with because I don’t see it often and resilient dinos tank it fairly well. Same with Monostego.


Pretty sure they’re talking about Rare Dracorex.

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Ohh, I wasn’t sure considering almost every tournament has been an epic tournament as of late.

Dracorex OG also needs a nerf, it’s HP is wayyyy too high. Bring it down to 3600 and it can now be revenge killed much more easily. Nasuto probably needs an HP nerf too, but not as badly, maybe down to 4200.

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DC doesn’t bother me too much thanks to rend resistance. But Rhino-Rat? Ugh. Gimme Swap-in resistance, since we apparently need resistances to everything else in this game…

Speaking of resistances, I find there are way too many creatures with swap-in resistance these days. I run a Grypo and I swear she might as well not bother to have No Escape with the sheer amount of dinos that can bypass it.

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All SI damagers left alone next patch. . . EXCEPT Monostego, who gets nerfed again.


Yeah, I think Monostego was fine, dunno why they keep nerfing it


There’s nothing left to nerf on that poor creature @Ardens



Here you go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: