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Swap in damager vs Swap in damager? (JWA Talks #2)

A lot of people use Dracoceratops.

Just warning you, you’ll regret it someday. One day Dracoceratosaurus will rise…

But for now, we have two viable endgame swappers, the originally useless Monolorhino and the most annoying creature in JWA history, Dracoceratops.

Comparing the two?

Dracoceratops is an all around tank buster, but has the option to cleanse and escape after swapping in, and even has some favorable matchups.

Monolorhino is more of a utility creature, but its moveset is weird. Group Shield on a swap in creature? Really? Are you really gonna use this in raids, dude?

Now, arguably, Monolorhino is better, I mean the thing has loads of resistances, excellent survival, and resist slow-down!

Draco can take chunks from tanks, though, and since, besides Quetzorion and Magnapyritor, speedsters are non-existent, this does give it a chance to shine…

I’m more of a rhino fan myself, but who will you choose? Cast your votes!

  • Monolorhino
  • Dracoceratops/Dracoceratosaurus when it’s buffed

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Alright, cya in the next episode of JWA Talks! In a few days, probably. Sayanora!

Monolemetrodon is much better. See the forum where I fused it with Acrocanthosaurus. Monolacanthus would be awesome. Ill change it to be a bleeder, too

Monolemetrodon is one of the best legendary creatures. That still does not make it better than Monolorhino.
I would rate them both as end game creatures.