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Swap-in (defence) Shattering Rampage

With all the hype and controversy about the ‘one move wonder’ Dracorex Gen 2 - Swap-in Shattering Rampage, I want to come in from another angle… Is this actually a move that we need in the game?

The reason I ask is because competitive battling should be about having a balanced and fair chance to win against your opponents. When something gives an unfair advantage (like a random OP and indefensible shot out of the blue) then it significantly imbalances the game and peoples enjoyment of it. Granted there are those who will go all out to pursue this ‘exploit’ before it becomes rebalanced for short-term gains. But whatever they do to Dracorex Gen2 is irrelivant, because it’s the move which is TOO MUCH not the dinosaur being OP in itself.

Do you want to see more sneaky over-powered moves like Swap-in Shattering Rampage introduced to the game, and be watching over your shoulder at who’s going to swap-in with what next, or would you rather not have them in the game at all?


Yes we need it!!! What people are missing is that drac g2 sia has finally brought strategic play into the meta instead of relying on RNG!! the game needs more like this because we can’t choose our teams!!! On a common though!? Straight cash cowing with intent to swap the ability with its hybrid!(double the returns who wouldn’t try if it was possible right!?)


I agree with OP. We really don’t need this move.

Its too much over-powered move and just image this move on even Dracoceratops legend which will just kill most of the fast Uniques but with less health instantly. Like really you are trying to make your strategy and playing mind game and then suddenly this come-up which swap and not even let you do your move and kill you.

Not really needed and just adding complications and frustration in game.


How too overpowered!!! Indom a staple in arena can do 4x ap rampage, with Crit can 1 shot any Dino in the game… Also dracoceratops has lower attack than dracg2 so it will have less impact if given to the hybrid! Sounds like people with unique teams are sad! Now they have to think in their battles! :grin: Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games!!!

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Every battle should involve thought and strategy not just I will put in my win button Dino and hope rngeesus gives me 8 dodge and 4 crits IMHO

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Lemme be straight. I despise the principle"make a dino decidedly op to have people grind it, then nerf it so bad however still get the credit for having done a good job in balancing". Ludia pls leave jwa to a company that knows better as in how to develop and treat their customers before you go find a tree to hang yourself.


I have Draco G2, he’s a glass cannon. He’s not a game winner, he can be a finisher/cleaner.
It’s not like you can sweep a team with him.


I’m not sure where is strategy in swapping in Draco gen2. To me this is the same as Indoraptor or Monomimus dodging several times in a row. You just exploit his ability for free wins. SIA DSR have no counters, while Indominus, Indoraptor and Monomimus all have counters.

Hopefully they will fix it soon. As you said we need more strategic gameplay not RNG.


The issue is you can’t see it coming, so there is no way to anticipate.
So how abt a new skill tat allows certain dinos to “recon” the opp team with a basic attack move? When you use the attack, the 4 opp dinos will flash across the screen for a while.
May not mitigate the dracorex sia 100%, but at least allows you to anticipate the sia, or any swap ins for that matter.

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With dinos like alankylo and trago etc etc, I would say that yes, we do need this move. Its very useful imo.

I think that what is upsetting most is the common dino they chose to give this SIA move too. I dont think there would be half the stink if they gave it to, say, dracoceratops or something.

EDIT - I also just love how draco gen 2 completly nulifies velociraptor. Poor thing with all its speed, cant even hit 1 time, just instantly falls over dead.

Every time I see someone pull out a veloci, thinking they are gonna finish me off or they are gonna hit first, I smile. They arent gonna get a single hit off…


SIA DSR does have a counter. You have to swap at the same time and be faster, so then your SIA move goes first. Pretty hard to anticipate that.

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Pinning counters it any pinner can pwn a drac g2. More specifically if I anticipate a drac g2 is coming my way I switch to gigaspika he eats the rampage then pins then kills the drac g2 fly in rampage over. Or if I didn’t anticipate lose a dino then switch to gigaspika he pins then kills

Draco isn’t that fast either. It all comes down to anticipating the opponents move.

The AI shut my Draco G2 down in a strike tower last week, when it swapped to an Iguanadon at the same time I swapped to Draco G2 to get a kill. Iguana is faster so its SIA went first, stunning my Draco G2 and completly avoiding the hit all together. It was a damn good move, it made me lol irl, but im sure it wasnt planned like that.


It’s artillery support find you chose wrong starter damn would be loss, but wait as long as I do enough damage to be within sia rampage killshot range the bad match-up does not matter, no body runs pining (I do lol) and you can lvl the little guy to point most Dino’s cannot one shot it meaning you can swap to a counter attacker saving drac g2 while keeping up offence, 1 more hit and do it again all of a sudden drac g2 dead your Two up to 1 and have a fresh Dino or 2 to clean up! Or alternatively you could save it for that last Dino cheap shot. It’s extremely technical Dino as it sucks once it’s in the battle and has to survive a turn to run away so you can summon the hammer of wrath again(multiple drac g2 sia activation in one battle gets intense!) Thinking beyond the type match-up in the field that’s raw strategy!

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I agree. I love it. I call the Draco 2 the Equalizer


In all fairness, it does have a counter: SIA stun, which possessed by its hybrid dracoceratop. And yet, it may counter draco gen2, but it is countered by 10 other dinos while the latter does the other way round. This again, has genuinely proved their brainstorming turned into a disaster.

There is no strategy at the 4100 trophy level for me. Everyone just hits cloak and button mashes to victory. I love fighting RNG instead of real people. :roll_eyes:

This meta is super swap heavy, but Ludia didn’t give buffs to dinos that can counter swap is the problem. Many pinning dinos have bad stats or is not easily obtainable, such as dioraja and grypo.

I’m fine with the swap in skill, but in the meantime Ludia should balance it by buffing dinos that can counter or punish swaps to make the meta stay healthy. Like in the tank meta, the tanks are strong because there’s not enough chompers and bleed can be easily countered by SS, so they nerfed SS and buffed many chompers.

Nonsense. The strategy comes in when they bring out their I-Rex, you immediately swap to your higher level Tanycolagrius and nullify it’s cloak and kill it with a strike, or use Tragodist and wall it with invincibility then beat it up, or Stegodeus or monomimus… the strategies are there if you chose to use them, personally I love facing I-Rex now as I win 95% of the time and I don’t even need to have any Indo in my team. Anyway a bit off-topic.

Successful competitive battling is all about knowing when to swap-out/swap-in and I’ve been using switching to gain the advantage since long before switch-in moves were added to the game. The thing is by giving specific dinos swap-in moves doesn’t mean that they’re the only dinosaur which should be used to swap-in with, if you understand my meaning. But then my quibble isn’t about swap-in strategy (and generally it’s an essential one) it’s more about the extreme defence by-passing power of a move such as Swap-in Shattering Rampage, this move is terribly OP and should be used very sparingly by Ludia or they should remove it (certainly from a tiny little, slow ‘common’ dinosaur which in IRL wouldn’t have ever have had that kind of power).

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