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Swap-in Dodge only dodges 1 attack

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Bug Description: Swap-in Dodge only allows the user to dodge 1 attack, when it’s supposed to allow for 2.

Area is was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use swap-in dodge against a faster opponent or one with a priority move
Step 2 - watch as Quetzorion fails to dodge the second attack
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Always

What type of device are you using: iPad

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Swap-in Dodge only dodges for THIS turn, meaning the turn Orion is swapped in. It doesn’t dodge for the following turn.

The only time dodging two attacks would work is when the opponents uses a “and Run” move, followed by a Swap-in move.

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But Stygidaryx instant invincibility says “this turn” and actually blocks two attacks if stygi got slowed or was slower when used the move.
Swap in dodge should work the same way based on description. A new turn begins when orion does the first move after swap in (also based on patch notes and counting attacks and effects). So if a creature manages to do 2 attacks before Orion does its first after swap in, Orion should dodge that too because it’s the same (this) turn. And that’s not what’s happening and what @Qaw is saying.
I’m not saying it’s right or fair or wrong due to balancing. But here again we find same words for different in-game actions.


That’s not how turns work. If it really only lasted for the same turn Orion swapped in, then Orion wouldn’t dodge at all lol. There is no difference between one turn and this turn.

Same for monomimus…I played against it today and dodge was only working the swap in turn…

Probably time to throw out convention and just say turns are whatever Ludia wants them to be and we can only know how any given dino will behave based on trial and error.

As for mimus, was it faster? If it was then would that not complete its turn? Mimus would dodge the attack on swap in, but then if its faster, going first would complete its turn I think.

No, it wasn’t faster…I was playing my phorussaura (speed 132), monomimus had no boosts…

My instant rampage knocked out monomimus.

It’s not a bug.

Not sure I follow either. The swap-in counts as a turn for zor and the attack is the turn for the opponent. That’s it. You dodge that sequence and it’s over. Now if you use sidestep it dodges that attack until your next attack (so will dodge next opponent attack of you’re slower or disappear once you attack if youre faster)…

At least it dodged one… I was in an Elasmo vs Elasmo battle and I threw up a shield after my opponent attacked. Next turn, I tapped faster so I went first. It took down my shield immediately and I got the full damage from my opponent. It didn’t even take damage for one single move. Hate this system.

Well, I made a bug report thread on the same issue for Swap-in Invincibility, and the mods said they’d look into it, as opposed to saying that it’s working as intended.

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Swap-in Dodge is supposed to work like Sidestep now. If you’re slower, it should dodge 2 attacks.

The swap-in is a turn for Orion, but the dodge lasts till the next turn (otherwise it wouldn’t dodge at all). The opponent’s turn is irrelevant, since the affected creature’s turn is all that counts now.

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You’re right I thought it said that the Dodge lasted two turns with sidestep but I looked at it again and it’s the speed increase that last two turns so the two mechanisms should be the same but they’re not