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Swap in glitch

Is it just me, or is there a glitch where SIA s such as swap in stunning strikes and swap in definite strikes doing 1.5x damage. I faced a lv 13 sinoceratops with 503 damage but the swap in did 754 damage, which straight up killed my less than half health stegoceratops.

Was the target vulnerable or did the user crit? If so that mig be your problem

No, my stegoceratops was only slowed, and he did not get a crit, that’s why I was questioning

Which creature slowed your Stegocera?

That is very strange.

It was slowed by a suchotator, that’s why I’m sure it wasn’t vulnerable

I just tested this by using stegoceratops, monostegotops, and sinoceratops and all of their swap in stunning strikes dealt 1x damage when I swapped them in,.