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Swap in Heal should be Alert

Very minor point: now that we have alerts, Swap In Heal should be changed to an alert move. Currently, if you swap to one of the 4 dinos with this move and you have full HP, the heal is pointless, so you just lock yourself down for no reason. Making Swap in Heal an alert move that doesn’t trigger above X% of hp would eliminate this minor hindrance.

Of course, if swap in moves were given normal priority, this wouldn’t be a problem…

Thank you, that is all.


I would agree, except if the opponent uses a swap-in damage creature at the same time that’s faster, then the current heal actually helps, whereas the Alert version would not based on how all the other Alert abilities work. It’s a niche scenario, but it is still potentially useful, especially on slow creatures.
An Alert version would still probably be a good idea for faster creatures like Testacornibus and Eucladoceros but both versions have niche benefits.

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Even in cases where the opponent has a swap in move, the heal is only useful when you successfully predict that your opponent is going to swap to a swap in attacker who’s faster than your healer. And most of the time that attacker will be using swap in stunning strike, so you may just be stunned anyway. Yes it is a use, but it’s so niche that I think overall it being an alert would be much better.

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The thing is, swapping to a creature with swap-in heal when it’s already at full HP and then needing to swap it out right after is also a very niche scenario. So I think both versions are about as useful as each other.

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