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Swap in hitters suck the fun out of the game

Swap in dodge? Sure.
Swap in bleed? That’s ok too.
Swap in ferocity? A-OK.
Swap in nullify? Woot.

Swap in strike? Hmmm… nah.
Swap in rampage? No. Just no.

I’m having fun in this tournament (common and rare skill) - until someone pops in with draco or draco G2… The swap in stunners are pretty lame too, but somehow less offensive. Still, when any of those rear their ugly heads the fun is immediately sucked out of the whole thing… I never noticed too much before, until I was in this tournament. Here I’m using stuff I next to never use, and it’s been challenging… until… :man_facepalming:

I now agree. It’s time for this crap to go. I’ll put up with it, maybe even use it, but I’m now thoroughly on the side of get it out of the game.

Swap in effects - Yay!
Swap in damage - Boo.


Thanks for joining…

Swap in strikes are fine imo, but I do agree that SIR should be removed.


Yeah, not only the fun, but also sucks the strategy out… Cause it’'s literally a “strategy-breaker”. You prepare your creature with Ferocious moves or Mutual Fury for what? So that a rat or mini-rat comes crushing it


Swap-in strikes are fine until the swapper can cleanse and regenerate itself and chain off another, repeat etc.

Anything that swaps in and strikes should not have the ability to cleanse the lockdown. Heals, shields, sure, but not the lockdown. Chaining it (especially when the strike accompanies a stun) is just a ridiculous mechanic that some randomly-selected teams have little to no chance with.

And yeah, SIR should go away and never return.


I had 7 people crit on my creature for a win with a rat today… #killtherat


For the longest time i was ok with the rat… then boosts pushed it past ok… but the bait out and kill with erli still works for me right now even against overleveled rats…

I have a fear with boost 2.0 this will change… and because will restrict team selection. Draco already has us… leveling and boosting stuff to survive a sir… with 2.0 thats gonna be even more extreme and I am not a fan.

As I state in my original post.

Sorry I am tired, I was just lazy and I skipped it. I agree that they are lame.

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I know they could change it to swap in definite stun which means it gets the none stunners as well followed be instant rampage

Ugh, just fought some poor sap who needed to have both of them on the team. They swapped in both on me. I still won.

Skill tournament. Skill.


I find the ceratopsians (mostly Einia) worse than the smaller rats in this tournament… Despite being lower damage, it’s damage with stun! A “free swap in”, which is absurd… Not to mention that if you manage to swap in to take down an opponent, it’s ready to deal damage to the next one, since it can’t be one shot… AND if you also have rat jr. in the team, depending on the opponent you can combo Einia swap in, dig, and rat swap in…


Since the rat relies mostly on its swap in burst damage most boosts will be applied to its attack probably followed by the balance of boosts going to health. Speed is mostly unimportant unless both players swap at the same time.

I don’t see 2.0 changing the rat usage too much.

Right now my level 23 erli can 1 shot a draco at 26 even a pretty well boosted one… cause my erli is boosted as well. And i fight alot of 26-28 dracos despite my highest dino being 25.

With boosts 2.0 those over leveled dracos are not only gonna have a level advantage but they will be able to use more boosts then the dinos on my team and my dinos will be using less boosts… removing my ability to one shot an over leveled draco which is almost all the dracos i see these days.

A draci really only needs to do 3kish damage to be effective… killing most dinos that have taken a hit. Being able to stack health after that and remove the ability to one shot it is going to be a strong possibility

I don’t like them either but what can you do? Nothing.

So I’ve decided to not be part of the problem.

I don’t use dracoceratops and I don’t use Thor.


You’re right. It’s so stupid they added it to the game. We have minions of little rats now because of that new Swap in stunning strike bs.


Posted this in another thread…


I agree mostly. Swap in rampage needs to go. Not even swap in impact. Swap in Strike are fine, but nothing more… at least we don’t have swap in devastation… oh no what have I done…


What I would do is:

Remove swap in rampage.

Give DracoGen2 swap in definite Strike, just like normal dracorex
Give the rat swap in stunning strike. To match ceratopsians.

I also think all swap in damage should be bound 2 turns. No matter what.


Swap in Damage shouldn’t exist in the game.