Swap in is totally fun!


Today i was bored so I decided to test out ver.1.4 new feature ‘Swap In’ ability

Yeah, need to admit that I didn’t care about those hadrosaurs that much so my edmontosaur and tenontosaurus are still at low level

So! I packed them with bleeding machine like Suchotator, Spinotahsuchus and also put some stunner like Dracorex gen2, Utahsinoraptor

Guess what?

Their combos are hilarious—

1st victim : Gigaspikasaur
First, My spinotahsuchus bleeded gigaspikasaur which giga slow her, spino can survived second hit from giga, so She swoop herself to (luckily) tenonto which has swap in stun, make giga got stunned and died by bleeding hard (around 1,5xx - 1,7xx bleeding damage)

So satisfied when see an opponent can’t do anything

After that I.rex came out and rekted my team.

2nd victim : Stegodeus
This one has superiority strike which nemesis to bleeding feature so I was just only hope their used thagomizer and their DID!

Bleeding stegod then force switch to Edmonto which has a swap in stun, yeah, Stegod got stun and losing more hp now

Edmonto is faster so I striked with superiority, Stegod also used superiority back to me now my edmonto can do hit and run but slower than stegod, i ignored edmonto ‘I want to live’ puppy eyes and let her died heartlessly.

entry suchotator, tried to bleed stegod again but she can cleanse herself and slow down my suchotator, but at least Stegod has less than 500 HP

Swap in L15 dracorex gen 2, got free hit and kill stegod once and for all!

Need all of my team to take down 1 dinosaur is kinda stupid but it was fun, haven’t enjoy battle since tournament started, I felt like every battle has some pressure that make you need to win for getting some incubator or trophy

But now I’ve changed my mind, I’m looking forward to let those low level dino rekt high level with swap tricks, this can make myself rejoice battle one more without brutal force of high level dino

TL;DR be-careful of those Swap-in, they have a potentiality to surprise you with a lot of tricks


I like the addition of swap in abilities. I haven’t really had a chance to experiment properly with them yet. Guess it’s off to the arena for a bit.


I used my accidentally levelled to 12 Edmontosauro and it was really fun! Can’t wait to have some other dinos with SIA to enjoy some good combo with my Paramoloch! :star_struck:


The only one I’m currently using is Dracorex and I love her. Bring her in for the final take down when I dont have speed on my side


Havent messed around too much with SIA yet. I do have a few SIA dinos on my team but none of the new ones.

I use dilorano and spinota to autoswap to dioraja who gets swap in ferocity with a 1x damage counter. Pretty sweet so far. Maybe in a few months ill get the new dinos to a usable level and try them also.


Just thought you might be interested to know that Tenontosaurus was actually an Iguanodontid (not a hadrosaur). It possessed the ‘thumb spike’ that almost all Iguanodon relatives carried for self defense.

The way it’s shown here does make it look like a hadrosaur, but both species were able to run on their hind legs to escape predators.


And I’m liking the new SIA meta, as well. We finally get to shake things up in combat now!


So are you able to put in order the dinos to make combo with SIA and AutoSwap? :flushed: How? I modified my team and put in order the dinos but, when I reopen the app, the dino are listed in a different order… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


If you manually swap you get to choose the dino.


They made a change to autoswap with the 1.4 patch, you can now tell who you will autoswap to before hand.

You are correct though, It doesnt always “set up” the dino order you want, but you can manipulate it a bit sometimes to get it to work though… sometimes.

Also, the more autoswap dinos and dinos with a SIA you have on your team, it gets easier to set it up.


One thing I dont understand though, is how they expect any of these new birds to break the current tank meta.

I just dont see even a full team of these birds taking out a stegod. I guess we will see :sunglasses:

Maybe with Alanqa on the team, 3 turns of invincibility and no remove positive for stegod might swing the battle, idk.


I just made a battle now (of course I lost :sweat_smile: ) to see this and my Paramoloch’s ability Rampage and Run always swap to the next dino in order of the 4 listed below.

-> Sucotator -> Tanycolagreo ------- Paramoloch -> Indominus Rex ->

So in this case Paramoloch was swapped into Indominus, when Indom died, he swapped into Socotator, died, Para swapped to Tany

My fab 8 dinos are also in a different order
Indom - Tany - Para - Suco

So not also the 4 dinos, but also the order is random. Probably this was already like that but I only noticed it now. Good to know. :+1:


I levelled my edmontosaurus to 16 ages ago but took her off the team when I started getting legendaries. I’ve been debating bringing her back in though with this extra SIA move.


According to the release notes:

So other than manually switching your dinos, you don’t seem to be able to choose the replacement. You just have to hope you get lucky.


Yup, swoop + SI Stun is a good combo.