Swap in Lockdown didn't work as intended?

Swap In Lockdown
Target: Fastest. Unable To Swap for 2 turn(s).
Target: Self. Unable To Swap for 2 turn(s).

Ok, It didn’t work like No escape (preventing opponent leave the arena passively) but it need the user to swap in the field to trigger the ability to lockdown an opponent.

So I did swap Andrewtops against no swap prevention resistance opponent like Hadros Lux but the opponent also swap out at the same turn; like this

  1. Me (faster) Swap out creature to Andrewtops (in order to keep half dead opponent in the field)
  2. Andrewtops enter the field
  3. Opponent Swap out half dead Hadros Lux to another creature
  4. that said Creature enter the field
  5. Andrewtops triggered ability Swap in Lockdown

I get that swap in ability will activate after both party already done swapping each creature but the problem is Swap in Lockdown itself that it should force opponent stay still after the user is swapped in. if opponent happen to swap their creature at the same turn, this ability will backfire badly on the user as it also force the user can’t be swap out for 2 turn (Target: Self. Unable To Swap for 2 turn(s).) while didn’t lock the creature that we wanted to lock it down at first since they already swapped out before the ability triggered…

So my question is----- Is swap in lockdown intentionally designed that way?

and…how to use it properly since maybe I just used it wrong

Swap In abilities will activate after both creatures are done swapping, while on escape abilities activate any time a creature swaps. Being able to use Swap In Lockdown for those situations would be neat, but unfortunately it’s just an overall really bad move, especially on something like Andrewtops.


Darn, and here I thought it is put on Andrewtops only (for now) as it could be used efficiently with it. :grimacing:

So it’s just only bad move and didn’t work well with Andrewtops as its user then?

Pretty much. No Escape would be way better to have on it but unfortunately it didn’t get that.


And yet somehow Phoru got Stunning Obstruction. Out of all of the unique Hybrids in 2.10, Andrew should have been the only one with an On Escape, but it got one of the worst swap ins in the game, almost as bad as Swap In Nullification.


Honestly I feel that swap in nullification is better. At least with swap in null, you can get rid of indoTs on escape cloak


That’s one VERY rare case. Both suck though.


If you are forced to swap Yoshi on a CR, be ready for a needed crit. :joy:


Wait doesn’t Yoshi have NC? Meaning the entire purpose of Swap In Nullification is kinda pointless on it?


Like you said earlier, very niche purposes


Ah yup, that’s true. I guess the swap in is just there to help with that one scenario. Even then swap in Null is pretty pointless especially cause there’s like no scenarios at all (or very little at the least, especially with the only creature it being on is Procerathomimus and there are just better epic cunnings than it) where it would be of good use. And you’re just pinning yourself for a turn along with it lol

Yep, and with 2700 health being pinned is NOT a good option.

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Almost none. Most things with an on escape are resilients, which DOMINATE Procerato, plus with it having way too little health for Swap In Null, it really isn’t worth using the swap in. Plus as it’s a swap in, it goes first, meaning that any positive effects likely won’t be up or will be followed by a big attack, which Proceratomimus can NOT handle. It’s a poor,y designed swap in with basically 0 use and on something that can’t use the swap in anyways, plus it’s made redundant by NC being on Proceratomimus.

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It’s 3k, but still yeah it’s a death sentence. ID helps though


Another reason to just cut out the middle man and give Andrewtops No Escape instead.


Speaking of Yoshi should we just give her back her 1.13 kit? I’m sure she wouldn’t even be that dominant with epics with things like Argent running around

it’s so odd that Andrew ended up having one of the worst swap moves, too - after all Andrew’s selling point was supposed to be swap prevention. I guess the move didn’t translate well.

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