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Swap-In Mechanic Tweaks?


In wake of the little bulldozer that could, Draco Gen 2, something began to dawn on me… Why does this little guy with a Swap-In DSR (SIDSR) get only 1 turn of lock down and a free escape if the enemy doesn’t kill it to come in again, while every other swap-in move is 2 turns? “Blank” and Run moves on swap-in dinos seem almost useless since they are available at turn 1 while the lockdown breaks that flow.

So my question is, should strong tools like Draco’s SIDSR and other swap-in moves that deal damage have/keep the 2 turn lockdown; while swap-in moves with no damage like Ferocity, Slow, etc be reduced to 1 turn? A lot of the dinos with these swap-in moves can never use them when available, and even then they’re already dead or have to manually swap by the time they are anyway. Or another interesting option, make ALL swap-in moves 1 turn lockdown?

Interested and curious to hear the community’s thoughts on this. I understand they made the lockdown to avoid too much swapping but then why handicap the Run moves they come with so much? To where most of the time I have to manually swap to avoid death anyway.


Coz when he kill your dino it count as 1 turn.


Not exactly Janx. The move actually says it’s locked for 1 turn. You’ll notice with other swap-in moves that by the time Draco can swap out, other dinos will still be stuck. If that were the case, then Pteranodon would be able to Impact and Run after swapping in and killing a dino with the counter. Here’s a typical Pteranodon scenario.

Swap: *Buff, take a hit off low health pool, Counter (maybe kill)
Turn 1 (Lock begins): Nullifying Impact, take another hit on low health pool, probably cant take another hit.
Turn 2 (Still Locked): Impact/Run ready but NOT usable, use DS Strike instead. Dies lol
Turn 3 (Free): …

DragoG2 on the other hand.

Swap: DSR, ideally kill
Turn 1 (Lock begins): Strike, take a hit off low health pool, maybe die if opponent punishes well.
Turn 2 (Lock ends): Impact and Run / Manual Swap to DSR another day. (If you lived the first hit)

See my issue? Sorry if I came at you with too much. Not trying to bash you to the ground. I actually wish what you said is how it worked.


Never mind. Thought you were referring to drac2


I never seen other post haras or forum right? And arguing is the part of forum. :grinning::grinning:


Never use pteranodon, sorry haha