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Swap In Nullification Suggestion


Right now I feel like swap in nullification isn’t really used that much. Especially for Proceratomimus. I like the concept of it, but Proceratomimus is too squishy to really make use of it. I feel if this ability was turned into swap in nullifying strike that it would work better. It could also possibly be turned into swap in nullifying impact but that may be too much.

Another idea I had was giving Proceratomimus swap in nullifying impact, and Skoolasaurus swap in nullifying strike. Or vice versa. Whatever would work better. I think this would help differentiate the two a bit more. Skoolasaurus dealing less damage with its swap in ability, but being more tanky. It would be a safer option as it’d be able to take a hit.

On the other hand, Proceratomimus would be able to dish out more damage, but it’s a more riskier option. Risk vs Reward.

Please let me know your thoughts below on this idea!


Just give SI nullifying impact to tany and we’ll level it up to insane levels and everyone will complain. Ludia will nerf tany, but make a hybrid with SI nullify impact that everyone will then level up and,complain again. Ludia will then nerf that one too but make a unique out of new tany hybrid and dracoceratops with SI nullifying defense shattering impact that does 4X damage and then the game will be balanced.


So I just got protoceramimus to a level were I can actually use him and find that it’s swap In Ability doesn’t really work (hence not used)
I thought it would be kind of what I did with tany al along but if you swap in protoceramimus like you would with tany the ability is useless and to use it in a way for it to work ends up with your Dino dead or half dead personally I think it needs a bit of a re-do cause right now that particular ability doesn’t really work
Still love the dino


Yeah! I want THAT one drooling :-):rofl:


It’s not effective at all, if you were using a swap in nullify, then the other player is already either cloaked or has evasive on, and is ready to strike with a powerful move. You will nullify their evasive or their cloak, but then die right afterwards…


Swap in nullifying strike I agree more then 1x damage absolutely not just look at the cancerous rat we already have


A completly useless move ,if you are smart,you will CLEARLY not use it…
It cn be use to remove a shied,an attack increase or a cloak…
Only 2 dino actually got them in their kit:
Proceratomimus:this one is really a glass canon,if you Swap in nullification,it mean you will take one free hit,so you take a crit or a rampage from almost any creatures and its over…
So losing a dino just to decloak something?useless!
Second one is skoolasaurus…well ,he have something from a tank but in the same case…you decloak something and accept to take a HARD hit?
so i don’t understand…Its unusable…
Maybe to remove a “ready to crush” and if the opponent is slower AND he don’t use a rampage??
0,00005% of the cases so…