Swap in question


Can anyone tell me how swap in works? How to use in battle?

I have dino’s with swap in abillity.

But when I put them in a battle the swap in is not visible on screen.

Must first do hit and run and then swap in becomes visible or?

Thanks in advance…


SIA only occurs when you are mid battle and swap to that dino. So if you lead with the swap in dino, you don’t get a swap in action. If you take a surviving dino and swap to another dino that has a swap in action, that action is triggered. If you use hit & run with an existing dino and a swap in dino enters, that will trigger that action. You don’t need a hit and run to make swap in actions work, but it sure is nice.

Also, if you lose a dino and just “lead” with a swap in dino, no swap in action will be triggered.


Thanks MNBrian.
One more question. If i swap a surviving dino can i make a choice for the dino with swap in abillity or is it stll a random dino that will enter the battle(as it was before 1.4)?


If you select a dino mid battle it’s not random, of course, so it sounds like you’re asking about the hit & run moves? And those will swap to the next dino in your lineup.


I have the following dinos pictured in this order on my screen:

Stegosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Sarcorixos, Triceritops

I open with a Stegosaurus. While stegosaurus is still alive, I swap to Edmontosaurus, causing the 75% swap in stun to be triggered. Edmontosaurus is now locked in for 2 moves (called binding, which occurs often when a swap in action is used). After two moves, I use hit and run with Edmontosaurus, triggering the next dino in order - sarcorixis, who immediately uses swap in shield.