Swap in rampage and draco "counter"

Hi! Got an idea to counteract dracoceratops and her swap in shattering rampage ability without necessarily needing a draco nerf…
We have dracorat counter (erlidom Thor and so on), but they are such only when dracocera has already entered the battlefield and performed the ability. But we have nothing to prevent it to do it, if not lockdown attacks some swap in distraction/swap in stun that can have the purpose to counter dracocera’s ability only if you have already seen it in opponent’s hand.
My idea is some sorta lockdown attack, but passive, so you don’t necessarily have to perform a lockdown attack to avoid an opponent’s swap. Let’s call it for example: Bond
Bond= Passive ability. For as long as this creature is on the battlefield, the opponent can’t perform a swap move.
Obviously something like this should be adapted (maybe rewritten in reference to creatures and not to opponent and bypassing immunity) and would need some beta testing (an other idea could be that BOTH players cannot swap as long as the “Bond” creature is on the battlefield), but could be a good way to counteract a bit dracocera’s power in the arena.
Thoughts? Suggestion?

The solution to the issue is correctly prioritising priority moves over swap-in moves. It doesn’t make sense to have swap-in be a priority over priority moves.


But dino swapping has always happened first. Whether or not a dino has a swap in move, swapping goes before priority. It’s just because DC’s swap in does damage that people are all mad about it. No threads about swap in dodges, swap in stuns, or swap in distractions…

Couldn’t agree more. But like Tuco says, it’s not really an issue with other swap in moves, just the damage ones. Hard to find a way to meet in the middle.

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I guess with lots and lots of boosts ( I mean like tier 5 across the board) this can help

This fella is quite the beast at the moment, taking down DC, the occasional Thor, weakened Trykos, some Erlidoms, Allosino and the rest really

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I personally never understood how draco is even supposed to get its moves to begin with. As therapods and “things with big teeth” are the types to typically have any kind of shattering ability. Draco is two common herbivores… no idea where regen came from either. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Indeed i didn’t consider other swap in moves but only dracocera’s one. Maybe the best solution is to nerf the base damage or remove the shattering ability. Or maybe both. And leave Dracocera good to counter what it’s supposed to (erlidom, dilorach and other fast&low life dino) and not everything.

Although not considering it as a draco counter I have always thought any of the crocs should have a pinning counter atk. Its within flavor and would give them a real place in the game

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They could just add a new thing called ‘Interception’ - A dino on your team, that when a swap-in move is used, automatically swaps in and negates it while performing a basic “Definite Strike” - 1x damage, guaranteed hit.

Boom, fixed. Lol


So, like a shadow tag ability? I like that, or even a move akin to “pursuit” in pokemon, that hits the opponent before it can swap out, dealing more damage if the opponent is awaping out.