Swap in strike nullifies dodge?

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Bug Description: doing the power up tower and whenever the cpu swapped in it nullified my indoraptors dodge. all 3 battles started with me doing dodge followed by cpu action. next turn i chose my attack cpu swapped and dodge animation went away followed by the new creatures attack.

Area is was found in: strike towers

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Put in a message to support. Not sure if this was only happening in strikes or if it happens in a battle

This happened to me during that strike too.

Had that happen in arena tonight. Using Gally, and dodge was still in effect, but swap-in strike just plowed right through like it wasn’t there.

I ended up winning the match, and once the threat of irritator gen2 was dealt with, Gally was able to harass my opponent with dodge that worked again.

Why someone is using irritator gen2 in Lockdown is beyond me. Unless they’re dropping.

All swap in ability will let shield & evasive effective turn -1.
Don’t know if this is a bug or normal game design…

Downright annoying is what it is. Either way, it’s probably best if they fixed it anyway, just to be sure.

They use it to… IRRITATE-UR team :ok_hand::joy::joy::joy:

Okay, okay, I know where the door is, I swoop myself out. :sweat_smile::joy:


An irritating irritator.:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Oh. Spinosaur jokes. I get it… LOL :sweat_smile:

That one ranks up there with “Doyathinkhesaurus” and “Doyathinkhesaurus’ Rex”…

Come on, Raven - you can do better than that…


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Probably. Though, my puns are known for being nod of saurus tier.

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Ooooo! That one stung a bit. You’re improving! Moving on now, to the next lesson: How to Annoy People Without Even Trying. Not as easy as it sounds. Some folks are made of sterner stuff than you think.

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Just use a full team of dodgers. There is no way that won’t piss off anyone :sweat_smile:

Like Erlidominus, Indoraptor, Indominus, Momomimus, Gallimimus and Ornithomimus… Oh wait, there is only 6 dodgers.


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Hey Mjolnir416, I’ve heard similar reports of this before, and our team would be happy to gather more information to investigate if you emailed them here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and more details.

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