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Swap in Stun buff


66% is just too low for Swap In Stun. I’m getting about 33% success with Edmon, but setting aside bad luck, it should be 75% at least.

All other swap in moves have a 100% success rate and SIS isn’t even that great a move. Good but not great.

I wanna keep my chubby guy in my lineup!!


But… 66% of the time, it works every time. :wink:


That’d be even more annoying, because then if people use swap in stun more at your level in the arena I can guarantee you’re coming back to tell Ludia to nerf it :joy:


Lol probably. Here’s an idea, let’s give DC a 66% chance of SIA. Now everyone’s happy.


:joy::joy::joy: lol riiiiiip

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Metahub found something that may have vindicated me:

Unannounced Move Change with HUGE Implications

Another insane thing we found in the code was something we had to test repeatedly before we believed it. As it turns out, despite the tooltip still showing Swap-In Stun at 66%, the code shows something very different. The code shows Swap-In Stun has a 100% chance of succeeding, not 66%.

And sure enough, we never missed a Swap-In Stun in our testing. This has MASSIVE implications for dinosaurs like Edmontoguanadon, Maiasaura, Pachycephalosaurus, even lower tier dinosaurs like Tenontosaurus, Edmontosaurus, or Iguanadon.

If this isn’t a mistake, and it actually sticks, that means Swap-In Stun is potentially just as powerful as Swap-In Dodge and Swap-In Invincibility. Not only would this counter a Swap-In Shattering Rampage from a Dracoceratops or DG2, but this guarantees a FREE swap on anything with this swap-in action.


I think it should be 75% for swap in stun and
50% on swap in stunning strike with 1x dmg.

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