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Swap In Stun Is Ridiculous

Swap in stun 66% is ridiculous. It is like 10% in real. Change it to 100% or remove it from the game!
Nowadays a lot of dinos having immunity so wont be such advantage if working on 100%.
When other “swap in” features like dodge/nullify etc working on 100% why stun is degradated to 66% only?


It is complete disaster.

I would do a rework.

If stun fails, DINO MUST NOT BE BLOCKED as the effect was not triggered.

Or there is sometimes I need to force eddie against an inmune despite stun Will 100% fail. why blocking the Dino?

for me, that is the main problem.

Or chante ir into 0.5x damage + 66% stun.


There should be two moves: Swap in stun (66%) and Swap in acute stun (100%). Some current swap in stun users could get the new move, while some could keep the current one, because 100% stun would make them too strong. A 100% stun Phorusaura? No way


At most swap in stun should be a 75% chance to stun, swap in headbutt a 66% and Swap in Sunning Strike will be a 50%.


I’d just like to bump this because swap in stun really should be 75% since swap in stunning strike is 66% and deals damage. As it is, it’s garbage and really shows in tournaments like the current one.

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I’m against it only because Phorus has it, so if it were 100% it would be even more OP… but I agree with the 75%

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Or we can have 100% to stun both creatures!!

What about Monostegotops?

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she is already fine.

Swap in stun.
Swap out to another stunner.
Dig In.
Swap in to another stunner.

This is my new troll team.


Ceratopsians’ “Swap-In Stunning Strike + Dig In” loops

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I have to try that!!! hahahahaha

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