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Swap-in stunned changed?

I’m curious if something has changed here or if it’s due to the specific scenario.

I’ve always known that if the opponents swaps in a creature and you stun it, then it will miss its next turn. But not sure if this is the same for actual swap-in creatures.

I swapped in MRhino and the opponent swapped in DC. My MRhino was faster so attacked first and stunned DC.

Next turn DC was able to move, but from memory generally if something swaps in and gets stunned it misses next turn.

Has something changed, or is there something specific about this scenario? Speed or does the swap-in action that is canceled by the stun counts as the missed move?

The Swap in action was canceled for the Draco by your Mono. Nothings changed. That SIS was the turn you stunned and forced Draco to miss.

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Ah I did wonder if that was it. I’m so used to having stunned non-swap-in-ability creatures I guess.

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I think if something like Nemys misses the swap in stun it shouldn’t lock it down, but that’s apparently not the same thing.

It’s because it actually DID the stun but it failed.
If it cant do it’s swap in action at all the lock down doesn’t take place.

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I think when Cera do not crit with swap in it should not be locked down … :man_facepalming:

What does crit have anything to do with a swap-in?

Yeah I see why it’s technically different. I just think it should work the same as the other swap ins lol. If I swap in to a full DSR (as happens more then I would like) I should be able to get the heck back out of there if I want to :joy:

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