Swap in Stunnig Strike Bug. 1 extra turn!

In tournament battle, my opponent swapped in a Sino and sino stunned me for an extra turn.

I chosed Mammoth(115 speed)
My oppenent chosed secondo (114)

I used persistent ferocious, my opponent used critical impact. Next turn my opponent swapped to Sinoceratorps. Sino(111 speed) stunned my mammoth and dealtt 1x damage. So far so good. However, swap in stun also stunned for the next turn and Sino used basic move while my Mammoth is stunned and my mamoth died.

This also happened one more time. Anyone else experiencing this bug? Or this is intentional and changed with the last patch?

I’ve seen that happen in almost every battle that someone swapped in stun.

With me the opposite happens!

Did you tap the “End Turn” button?

Yes ( 10 char…)

Don’t tap the end turn button. Wait a few seconds for your attacks to show up.


This. It shouldn’t show up at all, that must be a bug.

Hey Kaan, thanks for reporting this to us. Could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so our team can get some more information on this?


Just wait a few seconds and you can attack like normal. It’s just laggy.

Just wanted to say this is definitely still a bug. Just had a match with @Piere87 where her Monostego stunned my Tryko and even after waiting until the timer got down to 2, my only options were to skip or swap.

Needless to say, I didn’t win. :smiley:

I’ve had several matches tonight so I’ll admit I don’t remember that. I’m impressed my Monostego decided to stun though. It cost me a match earlier today evening haha.

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Yes, I faced a few players with Monostego. They swapped it in stun and it stunned my Spyx and then it had another free turn even though my Spyx was much faster!

This happened to me when I throw sino out against velociraptor in the tournament. However, this happened only about 10% of the time

It’s really easy to avoid this bug. When someone swap/stuns you, don’t immediately press the end turn button. Wait several seconds and the end turn button will go away and your normal attacks will show up. Then select your attack.

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Hate to disagree with you @StoneCutter, but as in my previous post, I let the timer go all the way down to 2 and didn’t get any other option but to swap.

I have seen it where what you describe “fixes” it, however even that’s not a great work around when (as is more common in a tourney) you have the potential for a speed tie.

@Ned, any word on this one?

Hey Somedinoguy, could you please check your app store and see if there is a new version of the game for an update?

Sure is! I’ll DL it now and let you know if I run into the bug again. :heart: